Park Hotel, Shanghai 上海国际饭店

The Park Hotel, 国际饭店 (Guójì Fàndiàn), on Nanjing Road near Renmin Park is an example of classic art-deco architecture. The trees hide a modern portico.

The Park is full of history. It was built adjacent to the race course and near the best shopping on Nanjing Road. It was designed by László Hudec and opened in 1934. It has 22 floors, and at 275 feet (83.8m) was the tallest building in Asia until 1952. It was the tallest in Shanghai until 1983 when the Shanghai Hotel was built topping it at 300 feet (91.5m) and 27 floors. For comparison, Shanghai's Jin Mao Tower built in 1998 is 1,380 feet (420.5m) and the Empire State Building built in 1931 is 1,250 feet.

The interior was remodeled in 1950 to remove all of the art-deco ambience. In 2001, the lobby was again remodeled to try to return some of its former beauty.

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