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Bank of China, Bank of Communications (BOCOM)

Shanghai Pudong 上海浦东
Bank of China 中国银行
Bank of Communications 交通银行

On the left, the Oriental Pearl Television Tower 东方明珠塔, is actually in the distance.

In 1999, Bank of China 中国银行 built a new tower for its Shanghai branch in the Pudong district. It is 258m and has 57 floors, 3 of which are below ground. It waAncient Chinese Pu and Knife coinss designed by Nikken Sekkei Ltd. The design, while ultra modern is, according the Bank of China, based on the shape of an ancient coin used in China called a spade or Pu used in the 4th century BC. To me it looks more like another form of money - the knife coin used from 400 BC to around the beginning of the Qin dynasty in 221 BC. It really depends upon which profile you use.

On the right, the headquarters of the China Bank of Communications 交通银行 (BOCOM) had ABB Architekten design a two tower building connected by a 536.08 foot (163.4m) atrium. The taller tower is 52 floors and reaches 869 ft (265 m). The lower tower is 42 floors and slants up from 562.99 feet (171.6m) to 647.63 feet (197.4m).

Founded in 1908, the Bank of Communications once had offices on the Bund, but outgrew them. In 1987, the bank was transformed into the first joint stock and commercial bank. This was a major move in China's modernization.

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