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Yiang Pu Bridge

Shanghai Pudong 上海浦东

Yangpu Bridge

In 1993 the Yangpu Bridge was opened to traffic over the Huangpu River. The bridge was crucial to the development plan for Shanghai and the Pudong district. It carries more than 5,000 vehicles per hour and a 100,000 vehicles per day as of 2006.

There are 6 lanes on its 99.57 feet (30.35m) width. The center span between the two supports or pylons is .374 miles (1 975ft, 602m), the total length is 5.19 miles (8354m). The pylons are each 731.6 feet (223m) high. The bridge was designed by the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction College, Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute, and consultant review by Holger S. Svensson.

The picture above was taken in 1994 or 1995. The bridge was painted red for the millennium, there is a more recent distant shot on a later page.

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