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Careful, slippery floor.

Careful, slippery floor. 小心地滑

小心地滑 Careful, slippery floor. You will probably never want to say that, but if you want to be able to say "Careful!" click on these characters: 小 心 The Pinyin pronunciation guide is xiao3xin1 -- English sounds are something like -- 'see ow seen.'

If you visit China, you will be amazed at how many signs are in multiple languages; not just English, but French and German as well. We should think about doing the same. It also helps students learn a foreign language. The Chinese government has a campaign to upgrade the signs for the Olympics so that foreign visitors will experience as little confusion as possible.

If you are reading these pages because you are going to visit, return the compliment and take the time to visit my Topics pages on the Chinese Dictionary site to learn some simple phrases. Here's another one that is good in any language - "thank you" is pronounced xiexie ni 谢 谢 你 ! 

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