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Knitting machinese - flat bed

Shanghai Textile Industry 上海纺织产业

The knitting machine was invented by in England by William Lee in 1589. It was one of the springboards to the industrial revolution. In 1864, William Cotton, also English, elaborated the design to make the full-fashioned knitting machine. By the way, knitters shown in lithographs sat on tall stools.

Today, knitting machines are computer driven and fast, very fast. The most modern are CAD/CAM driven. While many older machines are still used, the machines shown above are a nice historical note on the textile industry of the early twentieth century but are certainly not state-of-the-art in China or elsewhere. Textile machinery is one of China's growing industries. They export increasing numbers of knitting, weaving, carding, and embroidery machines. Machines are becoming increasingly specialized. Having the right machine in the right quantity can make or break an industry.

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