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Silk embroidery

Shanghai Textile Industry 上海纺织产业

Embroidery kits are available that have turned hand embroidery into a new cottage industry in China. You will see the same designs in Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai.

In most cases the embroidery you see is done by machine. Machines can do three-dimensional embroidery as well as simple repetitive patterns. It's a growing industry and is primarily used for embroidery on clothing, table cloths, bed coverings, and of course the baseball caps. Embroidery machines are produced all over the world and Shanghai has developed with the market. They have quite a few companies producing embroidery machines and export machines primarily in the Southeast Asian and India. The machines vary from the ability to stitch 100 to over a 1000 stitches per minute. The faster the stitch, the higher the rate of return on the machine. Machines are rated by the number of spools they can hold because that means less labor is used to change colors when changing designs.

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