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Silk embroidery

Shanghai Textile Industry 上海纺织产业

There are many different styles and techniques of embroidery in China. Probably the most famous is the reverse embroidery of Suzhou, called "Su." This type of embroidery is used for screens and or free-standing panels because both sides of the fabric are embroidered with the same picture at the same time.

Other styles depend on geometric designs, specialize in interesting stiches, or use traditional scenes. While the style of embroidery may have its origin in a particular region, more and more all regions produce more or less the same scope of styles.

The textile industry has traditionally been centered around the Shanghai-Suzhou region, but they are gradually being supplanted by other industries and stressed by higher wages in the region. In June of 2006, a major wool manufacturer announced that it would move its entire operation to Chongqing in central China. Other textile companies have made similar moves inland to Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. Textiles may be able to do for the interior what it has done for Shanghai.

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