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Side door, Children's Palace, Shanghai

Children's Palace, Shanghai 少年宫,上海

This is the side door to the Children's Palace 少年宫, Changning District 长宁区, Shanghai. It occupies a mansion that was begun in 1930 and completed in 1934. It is one of many Children's Palaces in Shanghai. After 1949, Children's Palaces were set up all over China to provide daycare for children of working parents.

Many programs evolved to provide after-school classes for gifted and talented children in various arts. Some of the programs offer additional science and/or math as well. The programs are operated on a shoestring and in an attempt to be self-supporting they bring in tourists. This provides money to maintain the building, buy art supplies, and pay teachers, but it also gives foreigners a glimpse of the joy of children. There's nothing like a kid to break down barriers.

The next shots are mostly of children's artwork. If you just want to know more about the building you can skip to here.

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