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Picture of Albert Einstein - Children's Palace, Shanghai

Children's Palace, Shanghai 少年宫,上海

The caricature of Einstein was created by thin strips of paper shaped and then glued by the edge to make a 3-D effect.

At the bottom Albert Einstein's quote, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." is written in Chinese. Translating it back from the Chinese it becomes:

I don't have some special ability, only that I love to enquire into the root of the matter.

The Pinyin for those of you who are interested is: Wo3 mei2you3 shen2me te4bie2 de cai2neng2, bu4 guo4 xi3huan1 xun2gen1pao2di3 de zhui1jiu1 wen4ti3 ba4 le.

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