Yu Yuan 豫园
Three Ears of Corn Hall

This hall was called San Sui Tang (三穂堂) or Three Ears of Corn Hall to evoke the thought of a bountiful harvest and as a wish for prosperity. It was built in 1760 by a group of Shanghai grain merchants almost a hundred years after the death of Pan Yunduan in 1661. For a hundred years the garden had been neglected and used for multiple purposes after having to be parceled out and sold as the Pan family fell on hard times. The merchants used parts for their business and restored parts to entertain and enjoy. They spent 20 years restoring the garden.

The top sign reads Chengshi Shan Lin (城市山林) or City Mountain Forest. At one level it describes Yu Yuan; bringing nature to the city. At another level it is a poetic reminder of the links among them.

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