Yu Yuan 豫园
Three Ears of Corn Hall

The furnishings in this room are primarily in the style of the Qing Dynasty (清朝 1644-1912). The ornate carvings and strong square presence of both the chairs and tables are classic Qing designs. Notice the large mirror in the background. These were a great luxury then as they are now. They were not just for checking your hem, but were used to give the room an extra dimension. They were also used to frame scenery. There is a fascination to seeing a scene in its image rather than its reality. The Empress Cixi (慈禧 1835-1908) had an enormous mirror installed on the Marble Boat at the Summer Palace in Beijing. She would sit and gaze at the scene behind her, particularly on rainy days. There is a another large mirror built into a pavilion at Yu Yuan to let you enjoy the rockery through its reflection.

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