Jade Buddha Temple Window

Roofs need repair, windows need washing, but outdoor sandals are not worn in the temple.

Temples need to be maintained, and a temple that receives the number of tourists that come to Jade Buddha Temple, needs management. The People's Daily (July 5, 2006) carried a story about 8 Jade Buddha Temple monks and 5 jushi who had just received their MBAs. Jushi are men who live outside of the temple but participate in daily activities.

The temple was getting ready to send the next group to do the same thing. With more than a hundred monks and a Buddhist study center to run, the monks want to increase the depth of skills to prepare them for the next stage of development. Modern management techniques are necessary in their view to run a successful temple and enlarge its scope. They also send young monks to get their college degrees in a variety of disciplines. It is not enough to study scripture anymore.

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