Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai

In cooperation with the Shanghai government, the Jade Buddha Temple has planned a new seven or eight story building to replace the present structure. The new temple will include more living space, meeting halls, lecture rooms and a large landscaped open area in front of the temple.

There really isn't much one can say about the plan. It's hard to tell people to continue to live in cramped drafty quarters because something is old and beautiful. In fact, one of the most surprising things is that it will be only 7 to 8 stories high. The way things sprout in Shanghai, it could have been a skyscraper.

A note: There is no information about the other three jade Buddhas brought back from Burma by Hui Gen. But his monastery on Pu Tuo Shan is thriving and is building many new temples to replace the old. It is a popular tourist destination and the income has allowed them to modernize most of their facilities. As a historical site it lacks interest, but as a Buddhist pilgrimage, Pu Tuo Shan is worth climbing.

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