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Shanghai and Suzhou II - Tongli, Yu Yuan, Jade Buddha Temple

The area around the Yangtze delta and south of the river is called Jiangnan. In Chinese, the name simply means south of the Yangtze. The area includes Shanghai and Suzhou and has particular geographical characteristics that have shaped its development and economy through history. Each area of China has a unique history. What is called China today is not a monolithic culture but a blend that is as rich in cultural differences as is Europe.

The following groups of photographs include the area west of Shanghai, the canal area around Suzhou, Tiger Hill in Suzhou, Tongli village in the Suzhou area, Yu Yuan - an ancient garden in Shanghai, and the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. Some links are provided to various topics along the way to help you navigate. Simply click on a photograph to go to the page.

10285wJiangnan_Shanghai Jiangnan
10296clwJiangnan_Shanghai Jiangnan development
10328wJiangnan_Shanghai Suzhou area
Along the Grand Canal
10344suchpag Suzhou and Tiger Hill
10349wTongli Tongli
10384fwTongli Tongli
10403_10350cr2wTongli Tongli
10403_10471cs3wTongli Tongli
10459w Tongli
9682wYuYuan Yu Yuan Area
9691wYuYuan Yu Yuan - the garden history
9711wYuYuan Yu Yuan merchants 1700s
9717wYuYuan Yu Yuan - Garden views
9729wYuYuan Yuan Dynasty Lions
9739wYuYuan Yu Yuan Architecture
9766wYuYuan Yu Yuan
Foreign Concessions and map
9782wYuYuan Yu Yuan
Small Dagger Society
9786wYuYuan Yu Yuan
Taiping Attack
9789crwYuYuan Yu Yuan
Twin Dragons
9800wYuYuan Yu Yuan
Japanese occupation
9801awYuYuan Yu Yuan
Scholar's Stone
9807wYuYuan Yu Yuan
9999ajbcour2JadeTemple Jade Buddha Temple
9999broomJadeTemple  Jade Buddha Temple

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