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The Paleolithic Era in China was peopled by Homo erectus. Lantian Man 蓝田人 and Dali Man 大荔人 span the time between 1,150,000 years and 210,000 years ago.
The Yangshao Neolithic Culture was distributed in villages along the Wei and Yellow Rivers in Shaanxi and neighboring provinces. This collection includes items that date to between 6000 BC and 3000 BC.
Between 2100 BC and 2900 BC the Neolithic cultures showed increasing sophistication. This collection includes pottery and jade objects from: Jiangzhai, Lintong; Chenggu County; Lushanmao, Yan'an; Shimao, Shenmu County; and Zijing, Shangzhou.
The Shang period (~1700 BC to 1045 BC -- 656 years / ~1700 BC to ~1027 BC -- 673 years).
The Pre-dynastic Zhou period follows the development of the tribes before they organized and took over from the Shang Dynasty.
The Zhou Dynasty (~1121 BC to ~249 BC -- 873 years / ~1045 BC to 221 BC -- 825 years) is split into two periods, the Early or Western Zhou and the Later or Eastern Zhou Dynasty. The Eastern Zhou is made up of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Dates given by different experts vary.
Spring and Autumn 春秋 (777 BC to 476 BC -- 302 years)
Warring States 战国 (475 BC to 221 BC -- 255 years)
Qin Dynasty (221 BC to 207 BC -- 15 years)
Western Han 西汉 (206 BC to 9 AD -- 216 years)
Eastern Han 东汉 (25 to 220 -- 196 years)
Shu Kingdom 蜀国,
Wei Kingdom
Northern Wei Period 北魏,
Southern Dynasties
Western Wei Period 西魏,
Northern Zhou Period 北周
Culture during the Tang Dynasty 唐代 advanced by trade with the Western countries through the Silk Road. Even more properous than the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty encouraged innovations in the arts, architecture, painting, music, and poetry (618 to 907 -- 290 years).
The Song Dynasty 宋朝 960 to 1279 -- 320 years. The series includes the Northern Song 北宋 (960 to 1127) and the Southern Song 南宋 (1127 to 1279).
Western Xia 西夏 (1038 to 1227)

Jin Dynasty (1115 to 1234)
Yuan Dynasty 元朝 (1279 to 1368 -- 90 years)
Ming Dynasty 明朝 (1368 to 1644 -- 277 years)
Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912 -- 268 years)

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