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Using Ting with Integrated Chinese Levels One and Two
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Integrated Chinese Level 1 Book One
Chapter Name Link Description
0.0 Introduction Pinyin Introduces the sounds of Chinese with native speakers
Tone Recognition Listen to the four tones and then use review page to build recognition.
Numbers Count from 1 to 10
1.0 Greetings Tone Recognition Listen again. It will take a few weeks to build some skills.
Speed Numbers Numbers 1 - 10 are randomly presented. See if you can match the speed of your native language.
Concentration - Characters Begin building recognition of simple characters. Can you spot any radicals?
2.0 Family Family Members Choose words to describe your own family and add them to your account.
Concentration - Characters with Sound Now that you are more familiar with the characters, listen to the sounds as you find a match.
Expressions to Impress your teacher Choose one or two short expressions that might come in handy when you forget your homework!
3.0 Dates and Time Day and Weeks Find a phrase or learn the days of the week. They are just numbers!
Dinner Topics – Menu Take a look at some of the menu items from a small restaurant in Beijing. Don't try ordering them in an American Chinese restaurant!
Seasons and Festivals Add your favorite holiday to your account.
Numbers Again! Try to count to one hundred.
Time - What's the Time? Use the numbers to tell the time. Click 学习 to try to say the time, then click the clock to hear it in Chinese. Then click 玩儿 to test your listening skills. Listen and then click the correct clock! You can listen again by pressing 再听.
4.0 Hobbies Sports Add your favorite sport to your account. See if you can find a short phrase you can learn easily.
Day and Weeks Find a phrase or learn the days of the week. They are just numbers!
5.0 Visit House Choose vocabulary and then attach it to items in your dorm room!
Drinks Drinks What is your favorite drink?
6.0 Phone Phone How do you say, "Wrong number?"
Call friend Tongue Twisters Time to take a break and to exercise your tongue! There a couple short ones that will still take practice...
7.0 Exam Topics – School Choose your own vocabulary to fit your major.
8.0 School School Short phrases that are used in schools all over the world.
Letter Letter Some people still use the post office - at least for post cards!
Major Internet If you don't use the post office, you can find the words for e-mail and the Internet here. Look up your major in the dictionary.
9.0 Shopping Shopping Choose something you like to shop for, or ask a friend to go with you.
Paying Money Learn to say the price in Chinese Yuan.
Color Color Play with the colors of your clothes.
10.0 Travel Travel Short phrases are often all you need when you travel. A single word can often get the idea across.
Transportation Vehicles Cars, trucks, buses, and carts. Everything with wheels.
Ride Bike Bikes are not as pervasive as they once were, but remain a standard of transportation. Sentences can be found lower on the page. Write a story about a bike trip.

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