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Using Ting with Integrated Chinese Levels One and Two
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Integrated Chinese Level 1 Book Two Part 2
Chapter Name Link Description
11.0 Weather Talking about the Weather Wind, snow, rain, good weather and bad...
Tone Recognition Time for a review.
Copy a character and look it up in Ting Dictionary. Set the sentence length to "3", and then go to the bottom of the search for phrases and short sentences. 比,会,了
12.0 Dining Vegetables There are as many vegetable dishes on most Chinese menus as there are meat dishes.
Concentration - Tones Da, Jiao, and Fang, can you match the tone to the pinyin?
Concentration - Tones Da, Jiao, and Fang, can you match the tone to the character? Colors will give you some help.
Concentration - Tones Da, Jiao, and Fang, can you match the tone to the English?
13.0 Directions Directions Close and far, east and west, up and down - Where is?
Clickable map of the US Learn the name of your State in Chinese.
Clickable map of China Learn the names of the provinces...well, pick a few.
Copy a character and look it up in Ting Dictionary. 到,去

那么, 没有

14.0 Birthday Happy Birthday Look up Happy Birthday in the dictionary and learn to sing the song in Chinese!
The Face Human Body Click the various parts of the body to hear the sound! The red arrow will take you to the face.
Concentration - Fruits Learn the common fruits with pinyin.
Concentration - Fruits Now try it with the characters.
15.0 Doctor Health and Illness What part of your body hurts?
Find a phrase to illustrate the grammar! Ting Dictionary. 起来,对, 越来越,


Ba Construction
16.0 Dating Jiu4 seems to be almost every sentence! Find sentences that match the chapter grammar.
Time - What's the Time? Can you still tell time? It takes practice! Click 学习 to try to say the time, then click the clock to hear it in Chinese. Then click 玩儿 to test your listening skills.
Directional Complements These need lots of practice, but it's worth it. You will be able to say many things. 上, 下, 出, 回, 过, 起, 开, 到, 来, 去
17.0 Renting Money Go to the middle of the list to practice saying sums of money.
Call friend Furniture What furniture will you need for your apartment?
18.0 Sports Sports and Games What is your sport? What do you like to play? What do you like to watch?
Passive voice Bei4 Construction
Look up Jiao4 and Rang4 叫, 让
19.0 Travel, Itinerary Travel - Flights, Luggage, Hotel Use this list for this unit and the next.
Numbers Really big numbers What is the GDP for China? How much is a plane ticket?
20.0 Airport Travel - Flights, Luggage, Hotel Look up your airline in the dictionary.
Trains Trains for Travel in China Trains and buses are a great way to see more of the countryside and smaller cities.

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