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Integrated Chinese Level Two
Chapter Name Link Description
1.0 School School Pick out a few new phrases.
Speed Numbers Numbers 1 - 10000 are randomly presented. See if you can match the speed of your native language.
Shapes Circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.
2.0 Dorm Meeting People Standard things to say when you have nothing to say.
Concentration - Characters with Sound Now that you are more familiar with the characters, listen to the sounds as you find a match.
Exclamations Get some emotion in your conversation!
3.0 Restaurant Topics – Menu Plan a banquet for 10 friends. What dishes will you order? How much will it cost? How will you invite your friends to come?
Time - What's the Time? What time will you arrive at the restaurant? When will you call your friends? Time needs practice periodically to maintain the listening skills.
4.0 Shopping Shopping Most shopping doesn't require talking. A calculator is handy. What would you need to say that couldn't be handled by pointing?
5.0 Choose courses Read a story See if you can read this story. Click on the words to hear the story read. Move your mouse over the P to see pinyin and E to see English. The book in the margin has all the vocabulary.
6.0 Friends Xiao Wen E-mail

Teddy E-mail

Liu Mingming E-mail

Three e-mails to friends.
7.0 Internet Internet terms See if you can find someone on Skype who wants to talk English and Chinese.
8.0 Work At Work The world of work has its own language!
9.0 Education School These are tems you might find helpful.
Story Buying a book Here is the next story. Again, the vocabulary is availble by clicking the book in the margin.
10.0 China Places Map of China Click to see the Chinese, the click the gold symbols to hear the pronunciation. If you want a list, click More Information on the top navigation bar.
11.0 Holidays Holidays and Festivals Look up the different traditions for the holidays.
Spring Festival Holidays mean food Spring Festival is celebrated with a dinner and then with jiaozi at midnight - at least in the north of China.
Spring Festival 庙会 miàohuì Temple fairs are held all over China. In cities they are held in parks as well as in temples.
Spring Festival 庙会 miàohuì 2 This temple fair was held at a neighborhood park. There are rides for the children.
Lantern Festival 元宵节 Yuánxiāojié or 灯节 Deng Jie Lantern Festival marks the last day for fireworks.
12.0 Change Money

Learn to say the price in Chinese Yuan.
Snow White Try one of the Snow White stories. See how much you can read on your own.
Snow White with Attitude
13.0 Tourism Getting Around Pack your camera and go.
14.0 Health Personality


Describe your mood and the personality of others.
15.0 Gender Taking with kids This page was made for parents adopting kids from China, and for parents who want to give their children early exposure to Chinese. 91% of the adopted children are girls.
16.0 Environment Animal Language It's time to learn another language. Now you can talk to your dog in Chinese.
17.0 Finance Banks Accounts, money, stocks, and exchange.
18.0 History Dynasties There are a lot of dynasites - focus on Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing. If you can remember their dates and characteristics, the rest of history falls into place around them.
History Historical Pictures The old walls of Beijing
History Historical Pictures The hutongs of old Beijing - Qing dynasty.
19.0 Interview Getting a Job The hunt for a job and a future is a universal challenge.
20.0 Foreigners The Wu Hu Foreigners also have a long history.

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