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Games and Stories


Concentration Counting and Multiplication Colors 专心游戏 计算、乘法 颜色、英语
Family Tree Talking Maps Poetry 系谱 说话的地图 听英文歌曲
Listen to Chinese Stories  Telling Time - What's the Time? Bikes 听 英 文 故 事 几点了? 自行车
Human Body Li Li Shuo - Simone Says 人 体 利 莉 说 !


Return to TopConcentration

专 心

Learn to recognize differences between the characters and tones, recognize different voices.

You must be able to play .mp3 sound files to play the games with sound. The concentration games are designed to use the internal sound players from Netscape and IE. Certain external plug-ins, such as QuickTime (TM) will take you to a new page to play each sound. Either change the association for .wav files in your browser, or temporarily uninstall QuickTime or other sound player.

  • Character to Character
    Match the characters to increase your recognition.  Great for beginners.  There is no sound on this game.
  • Character to Character
    Match the characters to increase your recognition.  Listen to the sounds as you match the characters.
  • Fruits
    No Sounds -- For those of you who can't play sounds!
  • Character to Character
    Match the characters to see the English. Great for beginners.
  • Character to Character
    Match the characters to see the pinyin. Great for beginners.
  • These have sounds.
  • English to Pinyin
    Match the English to the pinyin. Listen to the spoken Chinese.
  • Character to English
    Match the English to the characters. Listen to the spoken Chinese.
  • Tones
    Jiao, Fang, Da
  • Character to English
    Match characters to English. Listen for the tones.
  • Pinyin to Spoken Chinese
    Match the pinyin to spoken Chinese. This should be pretty easy.
  • English to Spoken Chinese
    Match English to spoken Chinese. This is pretty difficult.
  • Qi, Chu, Ji
  • Character to English
    Match characters to English. Listen for the tones.
  • Character to Spoken Chinese
    Match characters to spoken Chinese. This should be moderately difficult.
  • Spoken Chinese to Spoken Chinese
    Match spoken Chinese to spoken Chinese...for those who like a real challenge.

  • Return to TopNumbers

    数 字
  • Numbers
    Learning the numbers is easy, using numbers in a foreign language is harder.  You have to relearn your math. Don't translate. Learn to say the number when you see it!
  • Speed Numbers - a Game
    Say the number, click for the next, say it, then click again. Watch your time. When you can say the numbers in your new language about as fast as you can in your native language -- you are ready for longer numbers!
  • About Money
    Now here is a practical use for numbers! Learn the different names for the denominations...click to hear the pronunciation.
  • Cartoons in Flash help you associate the sounds with the numbers. Different movies for each of the times tables, counting to one hundred, and a special movie to show the number system up to a quadrillion!

  • Counting and Multiplication -- in English
    计 算 、 乘 法 、 英 语

    你 需 要 用 FLASH6 看 这 些 卡 通 。

  • Counting and Multiplication -- in Chinese
    计 算 、 乘 法 、 中 文

    You'll need FLASH6 to view these FLASH movies!
  • Return to TopColors

    颜 色
    Colors -- Chinese 颜 色 、 中 文
    Colors -- English 颜 色 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Click on a color to hear and see English or Chinese.
    你 需 要 用 Flash 6

    Return to TopBikes

    自 行 车
    Bicycle -- Chinese 自 行 车 、 中 文
    Bicycle -- English 自 行 车 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Click on the bike to hear and see English or Chinese. Scroll down for sentences.
    你 需 要 用 Flash 6

    Return to TopWhat's the Time? Clock Game.

    几点了?- 网络游戏
    What's the Time? -- Chinese 几点了? 、 中 文
    What's the Time? -- English 几点了? 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Click on either Study 学习 or Play 完儿. To study, say the time then click the clock to check yourself. To play, listen to the time and then choose the correct clock. Beat your time!
    你 需 要 用 Flash 6

    Return to TopHuman Body

    人 身
    Human Body Parts -- Chinese 人 体 、 中 文
    Human Body Parts-- English 人 体 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Move your mouse over the picture to find the body parts. Test yourself by saying them before you click. Then play Simone Says.
    你 需 要 用 Flash 6

    Return to TopSimone Says

    利 莉 说 !
    Simone Says! -- Chinese 利 莉 说 ! 、 中 文
    Simone Says! -- English 利 莉 说 ! 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Listen to the commands and do the actions. Then play the movie to check yourself. Get some exercise at the same time!
    你 需 要 用 Flash 6

    Return to TopFamily Relationships

    Family Tree -- Chinese 家 谱 、 中 文
    Family Tree -- English 家 谱 、 英 语
    Requires Flash 6. Nephew, niece, grandmother, grandfather -- How do you address them and what are the formal names? By coincidence, the Peters and Zhang families are almost identical so you can compare them for translation if you get lost in the tree.

    Return to TopTalking Maps

    说 话 的 地 图
  • Maps
    Hold your mouse over a State or Province to see the name. Click on a State or Province to get more information and hear the name.

  • Return to TopEnglish Songs

    英 文 歌 曲


    Ten Little Indian Boys 十 个 小 印 地 安 的 男 孩
    Skip to My Lou 跳 跳 歌
    Old McDonald Had a Farm 农 场 歌
    Pop Goes the Weasel 猴 子 歌
    Three Little Fishies 三 条 小 鱼
    Greensleeves 录 袖 子
    This Old Man 这 个 老 人
    用 英 文 唱 歌 是 一 个 非 常 好 的 手 段 来 练 习 和 提 高 遣 词 造 句 的 能 力 。 这 儿 有 一 些 适 合 各 年 龄 段 的 传 统 老 歌 。 有 的 是 用 来 教 讲 英 语 的 孩 子 练 习 如 何 准 确 发 元 音 和 辅 音 , 有 的 是 大 家 都 熟 知 的 经 典 歌 曲 。 你 可 以 参 照 下 面 的 歌 谱 来 重 复 歌 曲 的 某 一 小 节 。 而 且 你 需 要 用 Flash6 来 播 放 这 些 歌 。 点 击 右 键 , 可 以 打 印 歌 词 。

    Singing songs in English is a great way to play and improve your ability to put words together in a sentence. Here's a collection of traditional songs for all ages. Some are used to teach English speaking children to pronounce the consonants and vowels correctly...some are classics known to most people. You can use the musical notes at the bottom to repeat a section of the song. You will need Flash 6 to hear the songs. If you right click in the Flash box you can print the lyrics.

    Teachers of English might want to assign different verses to different groups in a class, while the chorus would be sung by all. Younger children may just call out missing words in a song as you sing it. Singing encourages blending between words. To transfer that to normal speaking, have the students say the words after they have learned to sing them. Quicken the pace to keep the voice active between words.

    Return to TopStories - Audio Books - Chinese and English versions

    英 文 故 事

    Snow White    白 雪 公 主
      Snow White in Flash6.  Three English readers, three Chinese readers. Click on individual phrases to hear the story. Move your mouse over the blue circles to instantly check your comprehension. Linked to a vocabulary list keyed to the Ting Chinese English Dictionary.

    Snow White with Attitude    白 雪 公 主 新 转 Show White with Attitude

      This version of the story builds upon the vocabulary of the previous version. There is a link to a chapter by chapter vocabulary page when you click the computer in the lower right corner. The castle will bring you home. In the Illustrated version, click on the text to hear the individual phrases and sentences to increase your listening comprehension and pronunciation. Below, there are separate flash files for each reader in which the story is continuous and there is no text - you just listen. In the Just Listen version, click on the apples in the center to start and stop at a particular place.

    Illustrated, click words
    有画儿, 点击字
    白雪公主新转 - 杜峰 - 中文

    Snow White with Attitude - Du Feng - Chinese.

    白雪公主新转 - Luan Lijun - 中文

    Snow White with Attitude - Luan Lijun - Chinese.

    白雪公主新转 - Steve Pane - 英文

    Snow White with Attitude - Steve Pane - English

    Just Listen
    就听书 - 英文
    白雪公主新转 - 杜峰 - 中文

    Snow White with Attitude - Du Feng - Chinese.

    白雪公主新转 - Luan Lijun - 中文

    Snow White with Attitude - Luan Lijun - Chinese.

    白雪公主新转 - Zhou Hui - 中文

    Snow White with Attitude - Zhou Hui - Chinese.

    白雪公主新转 - Steve Pane - 英文

    Snow White with Attitude - Steve Pane - English

    白雪公主新转 - Cricket Stevens - 英文

    Snow White with Attitude - Cricket Stevens - English

  • Xinxin and Xiaowen Index   欣 欣 和 小 文 主 页

      欣 欣 和 小 文 住 在 北 京 。 他 们 是 姐 姐 和 弟 弟 。
      在 这 个 故 事 中 , 你 也 可 以 点 击 句 子 来 聆 听 故 事
      的 朗 诵 。 点 击 “ 词 汇 ” 按 键 , 会 打 开 一 个 包 含 本 章
      故 事 词 汇 的 新 窗 口 。
      Xinxin and Xiaowen live in Beijing. They are brother and sister. They are friends with a family in Chicago. They send e-mail to one another. This link will take you to several stories. In each story, you can click on the sentences to hear the story and use the handy vocabulary pages to print or to add vocabulary to your account. These stories can be read during your second semester of Chinese.

    Return to Top Stories in Chinese - Stories read by Chinese speakers.

    中 文 故 事

    San Zi Jing 三字经

      This link will take you to a collection of materials on the San Zi Jing. The first link on the page will take you to the audio book for the San Zi Jing. You will also find a bibliography of versions of the work and several versions of the text in both Traditional and Simplified characters.The San Zi Jing is a classic work for children to help them learn the major events of Chinese history. It can help you learn to pronounce the tones and teach you quite a few new characters. The work is designed as a mnemonic. It has a rhythm which aids memory. The ideas are presented in sets of 6 characters.

      When you open the audio book, you may choose Manual or Automatic. In Automatic mode the sound is continuous and a marker guides you through the text. If you are a beginner, the automatic mode will be too fast for you, but if you use the manual mode, you can listen to and repeat 6 characters at a time by clicking on the characters. In addition to the P pinyin and E English buttons, there is an F button for footnotes. The footnotes will give you historical background on the text. The pinyin pages also include literal translations of the characters.

    Contradiction 矛盾
    read by Shao Danni

      This is a classic story of the development of a Chinese idiom. The story is suitable for a student who has had one to two semesters of Chinese. Click the characters to hear the story. The sound is separated into small, manageable phrases. As with the other stories, you can move your mouse over the P and E in the right margin to see the pinyin and the English translation. There is a context dictionary included. A context dictionary only gives you the definitions of a word or phrase that fit the current story or situation.

    A Magical Painting 一幅神奇的画
    read by Feng Xie

    A Magical Painting 一幅神奇的画
    read by Yang Delong

      A Magical Painting is a story about a man who wants to buy a painting. It is the type of story that is popular in crosstalk performances. Crosstalk is a form of stage comedy based on storytelling. Crosstalk can be performed as a monologue or as a dialogue with a pair of performers who play off one another in rapid repartee. The stories often have a social or political point. One of my favorites makes fun of the Beijing accent. Stories are performed with great expression and drama, but few, if any, props or costumes are used. It is a form of comedy that is similar to our monologue, but of the type that Bob Newhart, George Carlin, and sometimes Jerry Seifeld performed. Abbott and Costello and early Martin and Lewis come closest to the form. Crosstalk is storytelling at its finest. There is further discussion of crosstalk and some links to examples below the story.

      To hear the story, click on the text within the story. There is a link within the Flash to allow you to hear the story without interruption. This story is suitable for more advanced students of Chinese. The reading is rather fast for beginners and unless you have some experience with Chinese, you probably won't be able to hear some of the words. Normal conversational language melds words, swallows support words, and places greater emphasis on adjectives and emotions. Both readers give you a taste of crosstalk. Even if you aren't ready to learn it, listening to it can give you an idea of how to put more expression into your Chinese.

    Return to Top Stories in English - Stories read by English speakers. 

    有 声 读 物 - 英 文 故 事

    Audio Books
      This is a collection of stories and plays including: Little Women 《小妇人》, African Queen 《非洲皇后》, Sherlock Holmes 《歇洛克・福尔摩斯》, and Rebecca 《蝴蝶梦/丽贝卡》. Starring 贝蒂·戴维丝 , 汉弗莱·博加特 , 劳伦斯·奥利弗 , 詹姆斯·斯图尔特 . You can read as you listen. Click on a page number to begin listening at the top of the page, pause and restart the sound whenever you like. A dictionary is provided to help you with some words and idioms. These stories are appropriate for advanced learners of English. Anyone who enjoys a good book or film will enjoy them.
  • Audio Books and Plays 有声读物
    Complete index of English stories.

  • 歇洛克・福尔摩斯 Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
      Stories read by English speakers.  Either click on individual phrases and sentences or on sections to listen to the stories. English glossaries explain unusual terms. Listen to the story while looking at the dictionary, see if you can pick out the words as they are read.
  • The Adventure of the Norwood Builder 《诺伍德的建筑师》
    Highest quality sound, slower loading

    The Adventure of the Norwood Builder 《诺伍德的建筑师》
    Good quality sound, faster loading
  • The Adventure of the Dancing Men 《跳舞的人》
    Highest quality sound, slower loading

    The Adventure of the Dancing Men 《跳舞的人》
    Good quality sound, faster loading
  • Return to Top The Poetry of Bei Dao 北岛的诗 -- Chinese and English

    Bei Dao reads a selection of his poetry.  You will need to use the Flash Player (version 6 or higher) and/or RealMovie Player. In Flash, you can print the Characters, pinyin, and English for further study. Vocabulary is provided for some of the poems. (Sorry, the RealMovie Player movies no longer work. Soon I will put them in a new format. There are quite a few tasks before that, so don't hold your breath.

    The poetry is suitable for advanced learners of Chinese, and for Chinese who are interested in good poetry. The poems I have included were chosen by Bei Dao for this project. The images are universal. Even if you don't dig poetry, it is worth listening to the poems. Bei Dao has a beautiful reading voice and the poems sound like songs.
    The Poetry of Bei Dao
    北 岛 的 诗

    March 7, 1996, at the
    University of Maine at Farmington.

    一 九 九 六 三 月 七 号 ,
    在 缅 因 大 学 在 法 明 顿

    China and Chinese

  • Ting -- Chinese English Menu
    Ting means listen in Chinese.  It is a place to study Chinese and English. You can focus on a topic and learn related vocabulary, use the review pages to study pinyin, characters, English, or test your ability to listen and comprehend.
  • Topics or Topics-Text Index
    Computers, weather, money, sports, tongue twisters, expression to impress your teacher -- Choose a topic to focus on related words which have strong associations.
  • China Experience or China Experience-Text Index
    Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an -- the Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Forbidden City.  Lots of pictures and brief histories.
  • Bibliographies
    Bibliographies of Chinese history, economics, science, women in history, and others.

  • Information on How To Use Ting

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    A general introduction to using Ting as a learning tool. Instructions for downloading Chinese readers and fonts for PC, Linux, and Mac.  How to see Chinese characters, hear the sound files, use the search pages, and some basics about pinyin and such.

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