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US States

Alabama Montgomery AL Birmingham, Mobile 阿 拉 巴 马 A1la1ba1ma3
Alaska Juneau AK Fairbanks, Anchorage 阿 拉 斯 加 A1la1si1jia1
Arizona Phoenix AZ Tucson, Flagstaff 亚 利 桑 那 Ya4li4sang1na4
Arkansas Little Rock AR Hot Springs 阿 肯 色 A1ken3se4
California Sacramento CA Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego 加 利 福 尼 亚 Jia1li4fu2ni2ya4
California       加 州 Jia1zhou1
Colorado Denver CO Colorado Springs, Boulder 科 罗 拉 多 Ke1luo2la1duo1
Connecticut Hartford CT Bridgeport, New Haven 康 涅 狄 格 Kang1nie4di2ge2
Delaware Dover DE Wilmington 特 拉 华 Te4la1hua2
Florida Tallahassee FL Miami, Orlando 佛 罗 里 达 Fu2luo2li3da2
Georgia Atlanta GA Savannah, Macon 乔 治 亚 Qiao2zhi4ya4
Hawaii Honolulu HI Hilo 夏 威 夷 Xia4wei1yi2
Idaho Boise ID Pocatello 爱 达 荷 Ai4da2he2
Illinois Springfield IL Chicago 伊 利 诺 斯 Yi1li4nuo4si1
Indiana Indianapolis IN Gary, Fort Wayne 印 地 安 那 Yin4di4an1na4
Iowa Des Moines IA Cedar Rapids, Sioux City 爱 荷 华 Ai4he2hua2
Kansas Topeka KS Kansas City, Wichita, Lawrence 堪 萨 斯 Kan4sa4si1
Kentucky Frankfort KY Louisville 肯 德 基 Ken3de2ji1
Louisiana Baton Rouge LA New Orleans 路 易 斯 安 那 Lu4yi4si1an1na4
Maine Augusta ME Portland 缅 因 Mian3yin1
Maryland Annapolis MD Baltimore 马 里 兰 Ma3li3lan2
Massachusetts Boston MA Cambridge, Worcester 麻 萨 诸 塞 Ma2sa4zhu1sai1
Michigan Lansing MI Detroit, Grand Rapids 密 西 根 Mi4xi1gen1
Minnesota St. Paul MN Minneapolis 明 尼 苏 达 Ming2ni2su1da2
Mississippi Jackson MS Biloxi 密 西 西 比 Mi4xi1xi1bi3
Missouri Jefferson City MO St. Louis, Kansas City 密 苏 里 Mi4su1li3
Montana Helena MT Billings 蒙 大 纳 Meng2da4na4
Nebraska Lincoln NE Omaha 内 布 拉 斯 加 Nei4bu4la1si1jia1
Nevada Carson City NV Las Vegas, Reno 内 华 达 Nei4hua2da2
New Hampshire Concord NH Portsmouth 新 汉 普 郡 Xin1han4pu3jun4
New Jersey Trenton NJ Newark 新 泽 西 州 Xin1ze2xi1zhou1
New Mexico Santa Fe NM Albuquerque 新 墨 西 哥 Xin1mo4xi1ge1
New York Albany NY New York, Buffalo 纽 约 Niu3yue
North Carolina Raleigh NC Charlotte 北 卡 罗 莱 纳 Bei3ka3luo2lai2na4
North Dakota Bismarck ND Fargo 北 达 科 他 Bei3da2ke1ta1
Ohio Columbus OH Cleveland 俄 亥 俄 E2hai4e2
Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK Tulsa 俄 克 拉 荷 马 E2ke4la2he2ma3
Oregon Salem OR Portland 奥 勒 冈 Ao4le4gang1
Pennsylvania Harrisburg PA Philadelphia, Pittsburg 宾 夕 凡 尼 亚 Bin1xi1fan2ni2ya4
Rhode Island Providence RI Newport 罗 得 岛 Luo2de2dao3
South Carolina Columbia SC Charleston 南 卡 罗 莱 纳 Nan2ka3luo2lai2na4
South Dakota Pierre SD Sioux Falls 南 达 科 他 Nan2da2ke1ta1
Tennessee Nashville TN Memphis 田 纳 西 Tian2na4xi1
Texas Austin TX Dallas, Fort Worth 德 克 萨 斯 De2ke4sa4si1
Utah Salt Lake City UT Provo, Ogden 犹 他 You2ta1
Vermont Montpelier VT Burlington 佛 蒙 特 Fu2meng2te4
Virginia Richmond VA Norfolk, Alexandria 维 吉 尼 亚 Wei2ji2ni2ya4
Washington State Olympia WA Seattle, Spokane 华 盛 顿 州 Hua2sheng4dun4zhou1
Washington, D.C.     DC 华 盛 顿 Hua2sheng4dun4
West Virginia Charleston WV Wheeling 西 维 吉 尼 亚 Xi1wei2ji2ni2ya4
Wisconsin Madison WI Milwaukee 威 斯 康 辛 Wei1si1kang1xin1
Wyoming Cheyenne WY Laramie, Casper 怀 俄 明 Huai2e2ming2


  • The postal abbreviations are used when mailing letters or packages and often in reference books when listing cities with their State. This form of postal code replaced another form of abbreviation which requires more letters (Illinois = Ill. vs IL, Massachusettes = Mass. vs MA). The use of the abbreviations is not required by the Post Office, it is for convenience.

  • In English, the city or town precedes the state or territory. In Chinese, the province or region precedes the city or town. This applies to normal usage and to the method for addressing envelopes.

  • Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is a self-governing city which reports directly to the central government rather than to a state government, much like Beijing. Columbia is a symbolic name for the United States. The District of Columbia (D.C.) belongs to all of the states.

  • The State of Washington is often called "Washington State" to distinguish it from the capital. People living either in the state or in the city think of themselves as coming from Washington. When the reference is unclear, we add "D.C." or "State" to the name.

  • The capitals of the states are most often not in large cities. Historically people chose to establish capitals in more central locations and in locations where there would be a better balance of city vs. rural influence. The capitals are often not well known to people outside the state.

  • The list of famous cities is not based on population, but on name recognition. A city might be famous because it has a sports team, holds a famous event, or it is a vacation spot.

  • The eastern states were based on land grants made by the King of England. Some were fairly large such as Pennsylvania, and some were very small such as Rhode Island. Later, governors were sent from England to administer the areas. Boundaries were detemined by natural barriers, such as rivers. Modern survery techniques were used to survey the western states and used longitude and latitude lines to set boundaries. Thus, the borders are quite straight.

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