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Snow White with Attitude read in Chinese by Luan Lijun

Snow White with Attitude is based on the traditional story from the Middle-Ages, but it has been brought up to date - sort of. The vocabulary of this version builds upon the vocabulary from the other. more traditional, version found on Ting - Chinese English Study Center Games and Stories page. The Chinese English translation is not word for word, but what would be said in each language by context. Even the title is slightly different. 新转 (xīn​zhuǎn​) means new version or new twist. 转 (zhuǎn​) means to revolve, to turn, to circle about, to shift. It is used in combination to create words having to do with reform, reincarnation, reactivation, and other similar concepts. 白雪公主新转 conveys the same idea as does Snow White with Attitude - this is not the traditional approach to the story.

To get around, use the apples to get to sections, the center arrows to move one page at a time, and the home and dictionary buttons on the right to go elsewhere. To listen to the story, click on the text in the lower box. The idea is for you to play a sentence or a phrase repeatedly until you can actually hear the words. Close your eyes after you begin to understand it. Listening with the words in front of you is the first step, but then you want to free yourself from the written word.

Explore the illustrations with your mouse for hidden words and sentences. This is called incidental learning. The words and phrases relate to the story but are not included in the story. Try to put them into descriptive sentences yourself. Once you have mastered the story you should try to retell it in your own words and the hidden words might help. Describe what is happening in the pictures as if you were talking about a friend of yours. Good oral language lets you have a great gossip, and that means telling stories.

We would love to hear from you. Many people worked on this project over four years. We tried to include lots of things to make learning Chinese or English a little faster and with a bit of fun. So let us know how you use it. Is it part of a class, or are you an independent learner? Do you use the Snow White dictionary, or just learn the words through context? Do you listen and then say the sentences and phrases? What techniques work best for you? You can use the guest book to contact us or go to the credits page for an e-mail address.

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