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Xinxin and Xiaowen

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These are stories about two families, one in Beijing and one in Chicago.  The two families met while the Zhang family was living in Chicago.  The two families exchange e-mail regularly -- lucky for us, since it lets you read it.

You can get an idea of the family relationships by glancing at the family trees of both the Zhang and Peters family.

The stories are written in Flash and require a Flash reader.  Vocabulary lists generated by the Ting Chinese English Dictionary are available with study pages attached.  You may also add vocabulary to your free account on Ting so you can study with flashcards, quizzes, and printable lists.

The stories are at the intermediate level.  If a word isn't in the vocabulary list, you can look it up in the dictionary.  Use the magnifying glass at the top of the index page.  Relax and listen. You can always move your mouse over the "E" or "P" if you can't catch something. You can easily replay the phrases and sentences hundreds of times if necessary.  Be patient.  Each time you listen to the story, you'll catch something new.  The short phrases will come first, then the less familiar stuff.  Try to tell the story in your own words - well, not in your native language, of course!

(c) Marilyn Shea, 2006