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Ting means listen in Chinese.  It is a place to study Chinese and English. You can focus on a topic and learn related vocabulary, use the review pages to study pinyin, characters, English, or test your ability to listen and comprehend. In the study center you will be able to look up words and hear them spoken by several different people. You can save your words to your account so you can use flash cards, review lists, and quizzes based on your vocabulary.  One of the nicer things is that there are sentences, also spoken by several people, to illustrate the use of the more common words.

Games will help you build character recognition and vocabulary.  The stories will enhance your listening skills and grammar as you become more advanced.

You will want to be able to see Chinese characters and hear mp3 sound files, there are instructions for each below.


Information on How To Use Ting

  • Read Me

  • A general introduction to using Ting as a learning tool. Whether you are an independent learner or are taking a class in Chinese or English, you have a lot of work to do to train your brain. There's no way to avoid the work, but here are some hints for more efficient learning.

    说明 -- 怎样显示汉字,听语音文件,运用搜索页, 以及一些有关拼音的问题等等。

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Instructions for and information about Ting. Instructions for downloading Chinese readers and fonts for PC, Linux, and Mac.  How to see Chinese characters, hear the sound files, use the search pages, and some basics about pinyin and such.

    常见问题 -- 总的介绍一下如何把“听”当成
    苹果机,以及Linux 系统环境下下载汉字平台的指导。

  • How to See Chinese Characters

  • It can be just as frustrating to learn how to use a computer to study language as to study the language itself.

    Try this first: If you are using Windows 98 and have installed the Chinese fonts such as SimSun, go to:

    In Firefox: View --> Character encoding --> Autoselect --> choose "Simplified Chinese (GB2312)."
    In Netscape: View --> Character Set --> choose "Simplified Chinese (GB2312)."
    In Internet Explorer: View --> Encoding --> More --> choose "Chinese Simplified (GB2312)" and check AutoSelect at the top of the menu list.

    If you already have a Chinese system, you may choose to open it.  If none of that made any sense, there is more information in the FAQ.

    汉字 -- 先试试这个:如果你用的是视窗98
    In Firefox 火狐: View --> Character Encoding --> Autoselect --> "Simplified Chinese (GB2312)
    In Netscape: View --> Character Set --> choose "Simplified Chinese (GB2312)."
    In Internet Explorer: View --> Encoding --> More --> choose "Chinese Simplified (GB2312)."


  • Sound

  • How to hear the sound files...The sound files are compressed mp3 with a .wav header. The format was chosen for size and quality. Some plug-ins will interfere with the sound files.

    语音 -- 如何听语音文件。。。


  • About Numbers

  • Hints on how to study numbers.

    关于数字 -- 一些有关数字学习的窍门。

  • About Money

  • Now here is a practical use for numbers!

    关于钱 -- 好吧,现在让我们谈谈有

  • Search Instructions

  • How to use the Ting Search Page.

    搜索指导 -- 如何运用“听”的搜索页面


  • Credits and Copyright

  • Lots of people have volunteered their time to help you learn a language...because they know how hard a new language is and they believe their language will bring them closer to you.

    鸣谢和版权 -- 这里有许多的朋友自愿地挤出

    The Study Center

  • Topics or Topics-Text Index

  • Computers, weather, money, sports, tongue twisters, expression to impress your teacher -- Choose a topic to focus on related words which have strong associations.  Then work with those words to build new sentences and paragraphs.

    Most topics have randomized review pages for pinyin, character, English, and just the sound.

    Special pages help you learn pinyin, practice with the four tones, or learn the dynasties of China.

    话题 -- 和导师闲聊时的一些话题,如计算机,天气,钱,体育运动等等。



  • Search

  • Ting is a database dictionary of basic vocabulary and sentences. You can search the dictionary in English, Chinese characters, or pinyin.  If you can't type Chinese characters, you can copy characters from the pages of Ting and enter them into the search box.

    You don't need to login to search for words, but you will need to have an account if you want to save your search results.

    搜索 -- "听"是一个基本词汇和句子的数据库。


  • Search Instructions

  • How to use the Ting Search Page.

  • 使用指南 -- 中文

  • 中英检索使用指南

  • Login

  • You can login to your account now or when you enter the Study Center.

    登录 -- 现在你便可以登录你的帐户,或者等到进入“学习中心”时再登录。

  • Review Page

  • Once you add words and sentences to your account, come here to plan your review!
      • 1. Choose a sample from your account;  either recent words or a sample from the whole account.
      • 2. Choose a method to study -- flashcards, review lists, or print a review list.
      • 3. Indicate how many you want to study at one time.
      • 4. Take a quiz based on your study sample.

        复习 -- 当你把那些词和


  • 免费下载--听闪卡阅读器

    - 使用闪卡脱机学习生词
    - 中文说明

    Free download - Ting Flashcard Reader

    - written in Flash!
    - English Version
    - use flashcards to study items in your account off-line.

  • New Account

  • Open an account so you can use the Study Center.

    Save words and phrases to your account on the SEARCH page and then use Flashcards, Review Lists, or Printable Review Lists to study.  You can test yourself on quizzes based on the words you have placed in your account stack.

    You'll never loose an index card again!

    Yes, it's free.

    新帐户 -- 在你使用学习中心前,请先建立



  • Edit Account

  • If you want to change your e-mail address or want to change your password or other specifications click here.

    If you forgot your password we can send it to your e-mail address.

    编辑帐户 --

    Games and Stories

  • Game Index

  • Games, stories, maps, and other activities to play around with English and Chinese.
    Concentration, number games, all sorts of stuff. Some games do not work if plug-ins such as QuickTime (TM) are installed. Please read the directions.

    游戏索引 -- 包括“全神贯注”,

  • Numbers

  • Learning the numbers is easy, using numbers in a foreign language is harder.  You have to relearn your math. Don't translate. Learn to say the number when you see it!

    数字 -- 在外语学习中,学会数数并不难,

  • Speed Numbers

  • Say the number, click for the next, say it, then click again. Watch your time. When you can say the numbers in your new language about as fast as you can in your native language -- you are ready for longer numbers!

    快速朗读数字 -- 读数字,点击,再读,再点击。
    看一下你所用的时间。 当你可以像读你的母语那样快地读这个数字时,你就可以挑战更长的数字了。

  • About Money

  • Now here is a practical use for numbers!
      关于钱 -- 好吧,现在让我们谈谈有

  • Talking Maps

  • Hold your mouse over a State or Province to see the name. Click on a State or Province to get more information
    and hear the name.

    地图:  把你的鼠标停在某个省或州上,


  • Stories

  • Stories read by Chinese and English speakers.  Click on each sentence as you read, or listen to a whole section.  At the moment, there are two Sherlock Holmes stories read in English and Snow White read in both Chinese and English. That's a Flash movie that has the sound embedded. There are six versions read by different Chinese or English speakers.

    小故事 -- 这里有一些由本国人用母语朗读的小故事。


  • Poetry of Bei Dao

    Bei Dao gives a reading of selected poems including "Midnight Singer", "Forlorn", and "Contact". You will need the Flash 6 and RealPlayer plug-ins to hear the poems. Chinese characters, pinyin transliteration, and English translations are provided.
  • Other Resources

  • China Experience or China Experience-Text Index


  • Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an -- the Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Forbidden City.  Lots of pictures and brief histories.
  • Bibliographies

  • Bibliographies of Chinese history, economics, science,
    women in history, and others.

    Bibliographies of specialized dictionaries.

    Lists of publishers' addresses.

    参考书目 -- 所引用的中国历史,经济,科技,

  • Database Download

  • Here is a database of a thousand words with which you can play.  If you have Paradox 5 or 10 or a spreadsheet program like Quattro Pro or Excel, all of which support Chinese characters, you might want to try to add your own vocabulary.

    文件下载 -- 如果你装有Paradox 5/10
    或其他的表格展开软件如Quattro 或Excel,
    而且它们都支持汉字,你便可以下载自己的单词表。 从这里出发。

  • Guest Book

  • Come in, make yourselves at home. Relax, leave a message,
    talk with one another, exchange information.

    访客登记 -- 请进,就当在自个儿家。
    放松一下,写些留言, 和别人聊聊,

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