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Comment: Due to is a complex preposition which means it has two words. It is always a preposition. It means 1) as a result of. It has the same meaning as the prepositions because of and owing to.

很 多 家 禽 农 场 都 由 于 禽 流 感 而 关 门 。

Hen3 duo1 jia1qin2 nong2chang3 dou1 you2yu2 qin2liu2gan3 er2 guan1men2.

Many poultry farms were closed due to avian flu.

Jiang JieGu ChunleiMeng SichenPan Zilong

马 拉 松 比 赛 因 雷 雨 推 迟 了 。

Ma3la1song1 bi3sai4 yin1 lei2yu3 tui1chi2 le.

The marathon was postponed due to a thunderstorm.

Zhu JingGu ChunleiMeng SichenPan Zilong

交 通 堵 塞 日 益 严 重 , 政 府 决 定 拓 宽 道 路 。

Jiao1tong1 du3se4 ri4yi4 yan2zhong4, zheng4fu3 jue2ding4 tuo4kuan1 dao4lu4.

Due to the severe increase of traffic jams, it was decided to widen the road.

Du FengJin YanRuan YilangZheng Jie

在 我 看 来 , 生 活 在 城 市 中 交 通 是 个 主 要 压 力 。

Zai4 wo3 kan4 lai2, sheng1huo2 zai4 cheng2shi4zhong1 jiao1tong1 shi4 ge4 zhu3yao4 ya1li4.

In my opinion, the strain of living in a city is mostly due to the traffic.

Hu XinyingZhang XiutingLiu Yu RongDu FengWang WenjingGu Zheng

建 筑 师 要 计 算 风 对 楼 房 的 压 力 。

Jian4zhu4shi1 yao4 ji4suan4 feng1 dui4 lou2fang2 de ya1li4.

Architects must calculate the amount of stress on buildings due to wind.

Jin YanZheng HaotianLiu WeihongRuan Yilang
Due to · 1


from, via, owing/due to, by, through, because of, makes following verb passive - by

Zhang MengWang JunZhang XiaoweiZhang LiLiu JinzheZhu Mengxi

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