The Battle for Native Industry. The Debate upon the Corn Laws.  1846.  2 volumes  


The Battle for Native Industry.  The Debate upon the Corn Laws
contains the proceedings of the British Parliament for 1846 as they pertain to the Corn Laws.  The Contents of Volume II gives a good representation of the scope of the debates in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  The Duke of Wellington, Earl Fitzwilliam, Lord Brougham, Lord Stanley among others in Lords and Sir Robert Peel, Misters Newdegate, Clerke, Finch, Fellowes, Disraeli, Hawes in the Commons.  Both the debates and the thirty year history of the Laws provide an excellent case study for protectionism, free-trade, resource distribution, and social change.

Frederick Robinson first introduced the Corn Laws to Parliament in 1815.  Even at that time there was vigorous protest.  The Corn Laws limited the import of grain until the domestic price reached a certain level.  While protecting the domestic growers, the Laws resulted in a sharp rise in food prices.  In 1828, 1832, and 1841 the Laws were reformed, but that did not meet the demands of the populace.  The Corn Laws gave rise to organized movements such as the Anti-Corn Law League whose work contributed to eventual repeal and served as a model for subsequent social movements.  The 1846 repeal of the Corn Laws under the government of Sir Robert Peel followed the start of the Irish potato famine.



Sir Robert Peel -- detail of portrait by
Sir Thomas Lawrence. 
Peel was a major activist
in the Corn Law debates.

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