Chronological List

Date of Original Edition or Date of Author's Life Author Title Date of Edition Edition
551-479 BC Confucius The Morals of Confucius 1691 1st. English
427-347 BC Plato Republic of Plato 1763 1st. English
384-322 BC Aristotle Politics & Economics (complete) 1496 1st.
Aristotle Ethics (complete) 1496 1st.
325-265 BC Euclid of Alexandria The First Six Elements of Geometry 1705
45-120 Mestrius Plutarch The Virtues of Women and the Parallel Lives 1485
426 St. Augustine of Hippo Citie of God 1610 1st. English
1086 Domesday Domesday Book (Yorkshire) 1862
1215 Magna Carta Magna Carta 1542 1st. English
1509 Desiderius Erasmus The Praise of Folly 1765
1520 Martin Luther To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation 1553
1527 Niccolo Machiavelli Works of Machiavelli 1675
1588 Michel de Montaigne Essays of Montaigne 1685 3 Volumes
1625 Hugo Grotius Treating of the Rights of War & Peace 1682 1st.
1632 Galileo Galilei Dialogo di Galileo Galilei linceo matematico supremo dello studio di padova [Galileo's Dialogues] 1710
1644 John Milton Areopagitica 1644 1st.
1651 Thomas Hobbes Leviathan 1651 1st.
1693 John Locke Some Thoughts Concerning Education 1693 1st.
1693 John Locke Collected Works 1727 3 volumes
1729 Isaac Newton The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy 1729 2 Volumes, 1st.
1733 Françumes, 1st. Letters Concerning the English Nation 1733 1st.
1748 David Hume Philosophical Essays Concerning Human Understanding 1748 1st.
1758 Emmerich de Vattel Law of Nations; or Principles of the Law of Nature: Applies to the Conduct & Affairs of Nations & Sovereigns 1759 1st. English
1759 Adam Smith The Theory of Moral Sentiments 1759 1st.
1762 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Social Compact 1797 1st.
1776 Thomas Paine Common Sense 1776 1st.
1776 Adam Smith Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations 1776 2 Volumes, 1st.
1781 Constitutions The Constitutions of the Several Independent States of America; The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation Between the Said States; The Treaties Between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America 1781 1st.
1782 J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur Letters from an American Farmer 1782 1st.
1787 John Adams A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America 1787 3 Volumes, 1st.
1788 Federalist The Federalist 1788 2 Volumes, 1st.
1790 Mary Wollstonecraft Vindication of the Rights of Men, (A) 1790 1st.
1791   Henry Mackenzie   The Letters of Brutus to Certain Celebrated Political Characters 1791 1st.
1796 Mary Wollstonecraft Letters -- written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark 1796 1st.
1820 Thomas Robert Malthus Principles of Political Economy 1820 1st.
1820 John Sanderson Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence 1820-1827 9 Volumes, 1st.
1823 David Ricardo Political Works 1846
1833 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Faust 1833 1st.
1835 Alexis DeTocqueville Democracy in America 1841 2 Volumes, 1st English
1841 Ralph Waldo Emerson Essays: including "Self-Reliance" 1841 1st.
1846 Corn Laws The Battle for Native Industry. The Debate upon the Corn Laws. 1846 2 volumes, 1st.
1855 Frederick Douglass My Bondage & My Freedom 1855
1862 Emancipation Emancipation Proclamation 1862 1st.
1862 Victor Hugo Les Miserables 1887
1869 John Stuart Mill On Liberty 1859
1923 Albert Schweitzer The Decay and The Restoration of Civilization 1923


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