Reading Revolutions: Intellectual History

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The Reading Revolutions project was based on a collection of over 40 rare and first editions from the Remnant Trust focused on the writers who have had great impact on our ideas of science, government, and social standards.  First editions of Aristotle, Plato, Newton, Galileo, Luther, Emerson, de Tocqueville, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Wollstonecraft, Machiavelli, Montaigne, Euclid, John Adams, Adam Smith, Confucius, Vattel, Malthus, Henry Mackenzie, and Thomas Paine's Common Sense among others are included in the collection.  In connection with the Reading Revolutions project, a lecture series was arranged at UMF.  Lecture titles are linked to either a paper written by the author or a paper written based on their talk by a student or myself.  More photographs of the books and background information concerning the books or their authors are available under the Alphabetical List.

Alphabetical List of Books  Contains links to further descriptions and photographs of the books.

Chronological List of the Books  By date of first appearance, not date of the present edition.

Brief List of the Books  For printing.

Magna Carta 1350 calligraphy and illumination -- Unique parchment edition.  Photographs.

Lecture Series  A lecture series based on the Reading Revolutions Collection. Includes lectures on Newton, Emerson, Galileo, Rousseau. Themes are the scientific revolution and the American revolution.

Learning Activities  Historical, social, artistic, and literacy activities for the classroom or summer camp. They are intended to focus the learner not just on the concepts in the book, but on the history and social times which produced the urge to write them.

Gallery of Images  Includes the images of Magna Carta shown in the Flash index to this site. Those images are courtesy of Brian Bex and the Remnant Trust.

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