Creativity Bibliography

Selected Holdings in the University System
For Creativity and Intelligence -- PSY 222 -- Shea
Spring 2002

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    Adaptors and innovators: styles of creativity and problem-solving.   (ed. Kirton, Michael J.).  London; New York: Routledge, 1989.
      ORO      HD53 .A33 1989
      Creative ability in business.   Problem solving.   Psychology, Industrial.  
    Addis, William.  Creativity and innovation: the structural engineer's contribution to design.   Oxford; Boston: Architectural Press, 2001.
      ORO      NA2750 .A33 2001
      Architectural design.  
    The advertising business: operations, creativity, media planning, integrated communications.   (ed. Jones, John Philip).  Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1999.
      ORO, POR      HF5813.U6 A635 1999
      Advertising United States.   Advertising.  
    Amabile, Teresa.  The social psychology of creativity.    New York: Springer-Verlag, 1983.
      ORO      BF 408 .A47 1983
      Creative ability Social aspects.  
    Anderson, Daniel R.  Early childhood television viewing and adolescent behavior: the recontact study.   (contr. Larson, Reed.)    Boston: Blackwell Publishers, 2001.
      LEW, POR, MAC, GOR      LB1103 .S6 no.264
      Television and children.  
    Artificial intelligence and creativity: an interdisciplinary approach.   (ed. Dartnall, Terry).    Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic, 1994.
      ORO      Q335 .D364 1994
      Artificial intelligence.   Creative ability.  
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    Baby Bach.   (ed. Aigner-Clark, Julie). video recording  United States Baby Einstein Co., 1999.
      BPL      JUV VIDEO 781.11 .B1191bb
      Infants Development Juvenile films.   Intellect Juvenile films.   Cognition in infants Juvenile films.  
    Bach's fight for freedom.   (ed. Devine Entertainment). video recording    New York: Sony Music Entertainment, 1995.
      BPL      JUV VIDEO B .B122Bb
      Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750.   Biographical films.   Short films.  
    Bedford, Mitchell.  Existentialism and creativity.   New York: Philosophical Library, 1972
      ORO      LB885 .B3513
      Education Philosophy.   Existentialism.  
    Berthrong, John H.  Concerning creativity: a comparison of Chu Hsi, Whitehead, and Neville.    Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1998.
      ORO      B1674.W354 B47 1998
      Zhu, Xi, 1130-1200 Contributions in philosophy of creativity.   Neville, Robert C. Contributions in philosophy of creativity.   Creative ability.  
    Beyond Terman: contemporary longitudinal studies of giftedness.   (ed. Subotnik, Rena F.; Arnold, Karen D.).    Norwood, N.J.: Ablex Pub. Corp., 1994.
      AUG, PI, ORO      BF412 .B45 1994
      Gifted persons Longitudinal studies.   Terman, Lewis Madison, 1877-1956.  
    Bone, Bob.  Discover the good life in rural America: the city slicker's guide to buying country real estate without losing your shirt.   (frwd. Ross, Marilyn; Ross, Tom).  Buena Vista, CO: Communication Creativity, 1994.
      MSL      332.6324 B712d 1994
      Real estate investment United States.   Land use, Rural United States.   Farms United States.  
    Bringsjord, Selmer; Ferrucci, David A.  Artificial intelligence and literary creativity: inside the mind of BRUTUS, a storytelling machine.   computer file  Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2000.
      Electronic Library      nL24364.
      Artificial intelligence.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)  
    Brooke-Rose, Christine.  Stories, theories, and things.   Cambridge England; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
      ORO      PN45 .B738 1991
      Criticism.   Literature History and criticism Theory, etc.   Creativity in literature.  
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    Campbell, Don G.  The Mozart effect for children: awakening your child's mind, health, and creativity with music.   New York: William Morrow, 2000.
      FK      ML3920 .C172 2000
      Music therapy for children.   Child development.   Music therapy.  
    Carney, Thomas P.  False profits: the decline of industrial creativity.   Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press, 1981.
      POR      HD53 .C37
      Creative ability in business United States.   Research, Industrial United States.   Technological innovations United States.  
    Chang, Chung-Yuan.  Creativity and Taosim: a study of Chinese philosophy, art & poetry.   New York: Harper & Row, 1970, 1963.
      PI      BL1923 .C5 1970
      Taoism.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)   China Intellectual life.  
    Chasseguet-Smirgel, Janine.  Creativity and perversion.   (frwd. Kernberg, Otto).  New York: Norton, 1984.
      ORO      BF175 .C46
      Psychoanalysis.   Sexual deviation.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)  
    A Chinese literary mind: culture, creativity and rhetoric in Wenxin Diaolong.   (ed. Cai, Zong-qi).  Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001.
      ORO      PL2261.L483 C46 2001
      Chinese literature -- History and criticism  
    Cohen, Gene D.  The creative age: awakening human potential in the second half of life.   New York: Avon Books, 2000.
      MSL      305.244 C678c 2000
      Middle age -- Psychological aspects.   Creativity in old age.  
    Coleman, Earle Jerome.  Creativity and spirituality: bonds between art and religion.   Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998.
      PI, ORO, POR      BL65.A4 C65 1998
      Art and religion.  
    Community of creativity: a century of MacDowell Colony artists.   (org Spahr, P. Andrew; frwd Banks, William Nathaniel; cont.Storr, Robert; Wolf, Tom.)  Manchester, N.H.: The Currier Gallery of Art, 1996.
      GOR      N6535.P47 C64 1996
      MacDowell Colony Exhibitions.   Art, American New Hampshire Peterborough Exhibitions.   Art, Modern 20th century New Hampshire Peterborough Exhibitions.  
    Counseling gifted and talented children: a guide for teachers, counselors, and parents.   edited by Roberta M. Milgram.    Norwood, N.J.: Ablex Pub., 1991.
      ORO      LC3993.2 .C65 1991
      Gifted children Education.   Gifted children Counseling of.   Educational counseling.  
    Craft, Anna.  Creativity across the primary curriculum: framing and developing practice.   New York: Routledge, 2000.
      ORO      LB1062 .C73 2000
    Creativity & madness: psychological studies of art and artists.   (ed. Panter, Barry, et al.).  Burbank, CA: Aimed Press, 1995.
      ORO, POR      N71.5 .C74 1995
      Art and mental illness.   Creative ability.   Psychology Biographical methods.  
    Creativity and moral vision in psychology: narratives on identity and commitment in a postmodern age.   (ed. Tsoi Hoshmand, Lisa).  Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1998.
      ORO      BF76.4 .C74 1998
      Psychologists Professional ethics Case studies.  
    Creativity assessment: readings and resources.   (eds. Puccio, Gerard J.; Murdock, Mary C.).  Buffalo, NY: Creative Education Foundation Press, 1999.
      LEW      BF411 .C737 1999
      Creative ability Testing.  
    Creativity in performance.   (ed. Sawyer, R. Keith).    Greenwich, Conn.: Ablex, 1997.
      ORO      PN1584 .C74 1997
      Performing arts.   Music.   Improvisation (Acting).  
    Creativity in the arts and science.   (eds. Shea, William R.; Spadafora, Antonio).  Canton, MA: Science History Publications U.S.A., 1990.
      ORO      Q174 .C74 1990
      Science Philosophy Congresses.   Creative ability in science Congresses.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Congresses.  
    Crovitz, Herbert F.  Galton's walk; methods for the analysis of thinking, intelligence and creativity.   New York: Harper & Row, 1970
      ORO      BF455 .C75 1970
      Thought and thinking.   Galton, Francis, Sir, 1822-1911.  
    Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly.  Creativity: flow and the psychology of discovery and invention.   New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.
      BPL, POR, LEW      BF408 .C77 1996
      Creative ability.   Creative thinking.  
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    Dacey, John S.  Understanding creativity: the interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors.   (ed. Lennon, Kathleen).  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1998.
      ORO      BF408 .D325 1998
      Creative ability.   Creative thinking.  
    Dasgupta, Subrata.  Creativity in invention and design: computational and cognitive explorations of technological originality.   Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994.
      ORO      T49.5 D38 1994
      Creative ability in technology.   Creative thinking.   Microprogramming.  
    Dasgupta, Subrata.  Technology and creativity.   New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.
      ORO, LEW      T49.5 .D39 1996
      Creative ability in technology.   Creative thinking.  
    Davis, Gary A.  Study guide and creativity exercises to accompany Creativity is forever, third edition.   (eds. Glover, John A.; Ronning, Royce R.; Reynolds, Cecil R.).  Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub., 1994.
      PI      BF408 .D3792 1992
      Creative thinking Study and teaching.   Creative ability Study and teaching.  
    De Bono, Edward.  Lateral thinking: creativity step by step.   New York: Perennial Library 1973, 1970.
      MSL      153.42 D287L 1973
      Creative thinking.  
    De Bono, Edward.  Serious creativity: using the power of lateral thinking to create new ideas.   New York, NY: HarperBusiness, 1992.
      BPL, GOR      BF408 .D447 1993
      Creative thinking.   Lateral thinking.  
    Deri, Susan K.  Symbolization and creativity.   New York: International Universities Press, 1984.
      ORO      BF408 .D48 1984
      Creative ability.   Symbolism (Psychology).  
    Dervin, Daniel.  Creativity and culture: a psychoanalytic study of the creative process in the arts, sciences, and culture.   Rutherford; London: Fairleigh Dickerson University Press; Associated University Presses, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press ; Associated University Press, 1990.
      ORO, PI      BF408 .D485 1990
      Creative ability.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)   Creative ability in science.  
    Dick, Michael J.  "High-tech" creativity.    New York, NY: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1992.
      GOR      TS176 .D53 1992
      Production engineering.   New products.   High technology.  
    Dimensions of creativity.   (ed. Margaret A. Boden).  Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1994.
      AUG, ORO, POR      BF408 .D56 1994
      Creative ability.   Creative thinking.  
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    Education and society in late imperial China, 1600-1900.   (eds. Elman, Benjamin A.; Woodside, Alexander).    Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.
      POR      LA1131.8 .E38 1994
      Education Social aspects China History Congresses.   China Social conditions 1644-1912 Congresses.   Learning and scholarship China Congresses.  
    Edwards, Betty.  Drawing on the right side of the brain: a course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence.   Los Angeles; New York: J.P. Tarcher ; Distributed by St. Martin's Press, 1979.
      AUG, ORO, FAR, FK, MSL, BPL      NC730 .E34 1979
      Drawing Technique.   Visual perception.   Cerebral dominance.  
    Edwards, Betty.  Drawing on the right side of the brain: a course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence.   Los Angeles; New York: J.P. Tarcher ; Distributed by St. Martin's Press, 1989.
      FK, FAR, MSL      NC730 .E34 1989
      Drawing Technique.   Visual perception.   Cerebral dominance.  
    Eiffert, Stephen D.  Cross-train your brain: a mental fitness program for maximizing creativity and achieving success.   New York: AMACOM, 1999.
      POR      BF408 .E395 1999
      Creative ability.   Creative thinking.  
    Encyclopedia of creativity.   (eds. Runco, Mark A.; Pritzker, Steven R.).  San Diego, Calif.: Academic Press, 1999.
      ORO, FAR      BF408 .E53 1999 v.1&2
      Creative ability Encyclopedias.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Encyclopedias.  
    Epstein, Robert.  Creativity games for trainers: a handbook of group activities for jumpstarting workplace creativity.   New York: Training McGraw-Hill, 1996.
      LEW      HF5549.5.T7 E67 1996
      Employees Training of Problems, exercises, etc.   Creative ability Problems, exercises, etc.   Creative thinking Problems, exercises etc.  
    Eysenck, H. J. (Hans Jurgen)  Genius: the natural history of creativity.    Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995.
      ORO, POR, LEW      BF412 .E97 1995
      Genius.   Creative ability.   Intelligence.  
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    Freeman, Mark Philip.  Finding the muse: a sociopsychological inquiry into the conditions of artistic creativity.   Cambridge England; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993.
      ORO, GOR      N71 .F655 1993
      Artists United States Psychology.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)   Art and society United States.  
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    Gardner, Howard.  Art, mind, and brain: a cognitive approach to creativity.   New York: Basic Books, 1982.
      PI, AUG, GOR, ORO, BPL      BF411 .G37 1982
      Creative ability.   Creative ability in children.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)  
    Gardner, Howard.  Creating minds: an anatomy of creativity seen through the lives of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, Eliot, Graham, and Gandhi.   New York: BasicBooks, 1993.
      BPL, ORO, FAR      BF408 .G33 1993
      Creative ability Case studies.   Gifted persons Biography.  
    Generating creativity and innovation in large bureaucracies.   (ed. Kuhn, Robert Lawrence).  Westport, Conn.: Quorum Books, 1993.
      ORO      HD53 .G46 1993
      Creative ability in business.   Bureaucracy.   Organizational change Management.  
    Genius and eminence: the social psychology of creativity and exceptional achievement.   (ed. Albert, Robert S.).    Oxford; New York: Pergamon Press, 1983.
      ORO      BF412 .G43 1983
      Genius.   Creative ability.   Social psychology.  
    Genius and the mind: studies of creativity and temperament.   (ed. Steptoe, Andrew).  Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.
      ORO, AUG, LEW      BF412 .G435 1998
      Genius.   Creative ability.   Nature and nurture.  
    Genius revisited: high IQ children grown up.   (ed. Subotnik, Rena Faye).    Norwood, N.J.: Ablex, 1993.
      ORO      BF723.G5 G365 1993
      Gifted children Psychology Longitudinal studies.   Gifted Psychology Longitudinal studies.   Gifted children Education Longitudinal studies.  
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    Handbook of creativity.   (ed. Sternberg, Robert J.).  Cambridge, U.K.; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
      ORO, FAR, POR, PI      BF408 .H285 1999
      Creative ability   Creative thinking.  
    Handbook of creativity.   (eds. Glover, John A.; Ronning, Royce R.; Reynolds, Cecil R.).    New York: Plenum Press, 1989.
      POR, ORO, LEW      BF408 .H285 1989
      Torrance, E. Paul (Ellis Paul), 1915-   Creative ability.  
    Hare, A. Paul (Alexander Paul).  Creativity in small groups.   Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1981.
      ORO, POR      HM133 .H359
      Small groups.   Social interaction.   Creative ability.  
    Helmken, Charles.  Creativity illustrated: a compendium of 1,000 & 10 sources and resources for illustration from Durer to Dover.   Council for Advancement and Support of Education.  Washington, D.C.: Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1983.
      ORO      NC960 .H45 1983
      Illustration of books.   Graphic arts.  
    Holbrook, David.  Creativity and popular culture.   Rutherford; London: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press ; Associated University Press, 1994.
      ORO, FAR      HQ784.M3 H65 1994
      Mass media and children Moral and ethical aspects.   Creative ability.   Popular culture.  
    Hughes, Jim.  Altered states: creativity under the influence.   New York: Watson-Guptill, 1999.
      MAC      153.35 H.874
      Creativity ability.   Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)  
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    Imagery & creativity: ethnoaesthetics and art worlds in the Americas.   (eds. Elman, Benjamin A.; Woodside, Alexander).  Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1993.
      ORO      N6501 .I42 1993
      Ethnic art America.   Ethnic art South America.   Art, Primitive South America.  
    Infants and objects: the creativity of cognitive development.   (ed. Sinclair, Hermine).    San Diego: Academic Press, 1989.
      ORO      BF720.C63 I55 1989
      Cognition in infants.   Child Development.   Cognition in infancy & childhood.  
    Innovation and creativity at work: psychological and organizational strategies.   (eds. West, Michael A.; Farr, James L).  Chichester, England; New York: Wiley, 1990.
      ORO      HD58.8 .I56 1990
    Intelligence: reconceptualization and measurement.   (ed. Rowe, Helga A. H.).  Hillsdale, N.J.: Erlbaum Associates, 1991.
      ORO      BF431 .I546 1991
      Intellect Congresses.   Intelligence tests Congresses.   Human information processing Congresses.  
    Inventive minds: creativity in technology.   (eds. Weber, Robert J.; Perkins, David N.).  New York: Oxford University Press, 1992.
      ORO      T49.5 .I6 1992
      Creative ability in technology Congresses.   Creative thinking Congresses.   Inventions Congresses.  
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    James, Tony.  Dream, creativity, and madness in nineteenth-century France.   Oxford England; New York: Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1995.
      ORO, POR      BF1091 .J36 1995
      Dreams France History 19th century.   Creative ability France History 19th century.   Mental illness France History 19th century.  
    Jungerman, John A.  World in process: creativity and interconnection in the new physics.   (frwd Cobb, John B.).    Albany: State University of New York Press, 2000.
      ORO      QC21 .J86 2000
      Physics.   Cosmology.   Religion and science.  
    Junkyard treasures Game: how to think like an inventor.   (ed. Creative Learning Systems, Inc.).  San Diego: Creative Learning Systems, Inc., 1981.
      ORO LMC      Game 793.7 J966
      Games.   Inventions.   Machinery.  
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    Kay, Ronald.  Managing creativity in science and Hi-Tech.   Berlin; New York: Springer-Verlag, 1990.
      ORO      Q72.5.C74 K38 1990
      Creative ability in science Management   Creative ability in technology Management.   High technology Management.  
    Kerka, Sandra.  Creativity in adulthood microform   ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education.    Columbus, OH: ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education, Center on Education and Training for Employment, College of Education, the Ohio University, 1999
      ORO Gov Docs      ED 1.310/2:429186
      Adult learning.   Creative thinking.   Aged Education (Continuing education  
    Klinger, Eric.  Daydreaming: your hidden resource for self-Knowledge and creativity.   Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher, 1990.
      FAR      BF411 .K55 1990
      Fantasy.   Creative ability.  
    Kolodny, Susan.  The captive muse: on creativity and its inhibition.   Madison, Conn: Psychosocial Press, 2000.
      FAR      BF408 .K65 2000
      Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)  
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      MSL On Order     
    Lam, Joseph Sui Ching.  State sacrifices and music in Ming China: orthodoxy, creativity, and expressiveness.    Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998.
      ORO      BL1812.R57 L35 1998
      Rites and ceremonies China.   Sacrifice China.   Music China Religious aspects.  
    Lampikoski, Kari.  Igniting innovation: inspiring organizations by managing creativity.   (ed. Emden, Jack B.).  Chichester; New York: Wiley, 1996.
      ORO      HD53 .L36 1996
      Creative ability in business.   Employee motivation.  
    Lee, V. J. (Victor J.).  Creativity.   (cont. Williams, Phillip).  Bletchley, Eng. The Open University Press, 1972
      ORO      LB1051 .P417 no.3-4
      Creative thinking.  
    Lefrancois, Guy R.  Psychology for teaching: a bear always, usually, sometimes, rarely, never, always faces the front--will not commit herself just now.   Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth Publ. Co., 1991.
      FK      LB1051 .L568 1991
      Educational psychology.   Teaching Psychological aspects   Learning , Psychology of.  
    Leonard-Barton, Dorothy.  When sparks fly: igniting creativity in groups.   (ed. Swap, Walter C.).  Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 1999.
      POR, AUG, PI      HD53 .L46 1999
      Creative ability in business.   Teams in the workplace.   Social groups.  
    Letzter, Jacqueline; Adelson, Robert.  Women writing opera: creativity and controversy in the age of the French Revolution.   Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001.
      FAR      ML1727.3.L68 W6 2001
      Opera -- France -- 18th century  
    Li, Rex.  A theory of conceptual intelligence: thinking, learning, creativity, and giftedness.   Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 1996.
      ORO      BF431 .L467 1996
      Intellect.   Thought and learning.   Learning, Psychology of.  
    Lieberman, Josefa Nina.  Playfulness: its relationship to imagination and creativity.    New York: Academic Press, 1977.
      ORO      BF717 .L53
      Play.   Imagination.   Creative ability.  
    Literacy and creativity: unlocking fundamentals.   (eds. Dreyer, Philip H.; Clark, Sharon Toomey).    Claremont, CA: Claremont Reading Conference, Institute for Developmental Studies, Claremont Graduate University, 2000.
      ORO      LB1049.95 .C57
      Creative thinking -- Study and teaching -- Great Britain.   working with the gifted   Lev Vygotsky's theory  
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    Maier, Norman R. F.  Problem solving and creativity in individuals and groups.   Belmont, Calif.: Brooks/Cole Pub. Co., 1970
      LEW      BF441 .M23
      Problem solving.   Creative ability.  
    McGreevy, Ann M.  Creativity and the creative process.   National Institute of Education (U.S.).  Reston, Va.: ERIC Clearinghouse on Handicapped and Gifted Children, 1985
      ORO Gov Doc      Fiche ED 1.310/2:262508
      Creative ability.   Creative ability in children.  
    Meyer, Pamela.  Quantum creativity: nine principles to transform the way you work.   Lincolnwood, ILL: Contemporary Books, 2000.
      MSL      153.35 M613q 2000
      Creative thinking   Work Psychological aspects  
    Miller, Arthur I.  Insights of genius: imagery and creativity in science and art.   New York, NY: Copernicus, 1996.
      ORO      QC6 .M44 1996
      Physics Methodology.   Science Methodology.   Creative ability in science.  
    Morgan, Ronald R.  Rethinking creativity.   (eds. Ponticell, Judith A.; Gordon, Edward E.).    Bloomington, Ind.: Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation, 2000.
      GOR, MAC, FK      L11 .F37 no.458
      Creative thinking.  
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    The Nature of creativity: contemporary psychological perspectives.   (ed. Sternberg., Robert J.).  Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988.
      ORO, POR, LEW, AUG      BF 408 .N354 1988
      Creative ability.  
    Nettle, Daniel.  Strong imagination: madness, creativity and human nature.   Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.
      ORO      BF423 .N48 2001
      Art and mental illness.   Genius and mental illness.  
    New directions in creativity.   (dir. Renzulli, Joseph S.).  New York: Harper & Row, 1976.
      GOR      LB1062 .N49 1976
      Creative thinking Study and teaching (Primary)   Creative activities and seat work Study and teaching (Primary)  
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    O'Connor, Joseph.  The art of systems thinking: essential skills for creativity and problem solving.   (ed. McDermott, Ian.)  London: Thorsons, 1997.
      GOR      BF637 .N46 O26 1997
      Neurolinguistic programming.   Communication in management.   Success in business.  
    The origins of creativity.   (eds. Pfenninger, Karl H.; Shubik, Valerie R. contr. Adolphe, Bruce).  Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
      ORO      BF408 .O75 2001
      Canadian creativity and innovation in the new millennium.  
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    Perry, Susan K.  Writing in flow: keys to enhanced creativity.   Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer's Digest Books, 1999.
      BPL      808.02 .P429w
      Authorship.   Creative writing.  
    Piirto, Jane.  Understanding those who create.   Dayton, OH: Ohio Psychology Press, 1992.
      AUG      BF408 .P87 1992
      Creative ability.   Creative ability Testing.   Creative ability Case studies.  
    The Pleasures and perils of genius: mostly Mozart.   (eds. Ostwald, Peter; Zegans, Leonard S.).    Madison, Conn: International Universities Press, 1993.
      GOR      ML410.M9 P49 1993
      Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 Psychology.   Genius.  
    The power of play: new visions of creativity.   (ed. Lawson, Carol S.).    West Chester, Pa.: Chrysalis Books, 1996.
      FAR      PS509.P59 P69 1996
      Play Literary collections.   Creative ability Literary collections.   American literature 20th century.  
    Prentky, R. A.  Creativity and psychopathology: a neurocognitive perspective.   New York, NY: Praeger, 1980.
      ORO      BF408 .P68
      Creative ability.   Creative ability Physiological aspects.   Psychology, Pathological Physiological aspects.  
    Prince, George M.  The practice of creativity; a manual for dynamic group problem.   New York: Harper & Row, 1970
      ORO, POR      HD 38 . P73
      Problem solving.   Creative ability.  
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    Raina, M.K.  The creativity passion: E. Paul Torrance's voyages of discovery creativity.    Stamford, Conn. Ablex Pub. 2000.
      ORO      BF408 .R18 2000
      Torrance, E. Paul (Ellis Paul), 1915-   Creative ability.  
    Ray, Michael L.  Creativity in business.   (ed. Myers, Rochelle.)  New York: Doubleday, 1989.
      MAC      650.1 R.212
      Creative ability in business.  
    Renaissance II: Canadian creativity and innovation in the new millennium.   (ed. Doyle, Richard I.).  Ottawa NRC Research Press, 2001.
      ORO Gov Docs      Can NR81-6/2001
      Creative ability in science   Creative ability in technology  
    Ricchiuto, Jack  Collaborative creativity: unleashing the power of shared thinking.   Akron Ohio: Oakhill Press, 1997.
      LEW      HD53 .R527 1997
      Creative ability in business.   Cooperation.  
    Rickards, Tudor.  Creativity and the management of change.   Oxford England; Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Publishers, 1999.
      ORO      HD58.8 .R52 1999
      Organizational change.   Management.   Creative ability in business.  
    Rothenberg, Albert.  Creativity and madness: new findings and old stereotypes.   Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990.
      ORO, MSL      BF408 .R682 1990
      Creative ability.   Mental illness.  
    Runco, Mark A.  Divergent thinking.    Norwood, N.J.: Ablex Pub., 1991.
      LEW      BF441 .R86 1991
      Divergent thinking.   Creative thinking.  
    Runco, Mark A.  The creativity research handbook.    Cresshill, N.J.: Hampton Press, 1997-
      LEW      BF408 .R78 1997 v.1
      Creative ability.   Creative ability Research.   Creative thinking.  
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    Sandblom, Philip.  Creativity and disease: how illness affects literature, art, and music.   Philadelphia: Lippincott Co., 1989.
      ORO      R702 .S26 1989
      Medicine and the humanities.   Sick Psychology.   Creative ability.  
    Sanders, Donald A.  Teaching creativity through metaphor: an integrated brain approach.   (ed. Sanders, Judith A.)  New York: Longman, 1984.
      ORO, GOR      LB1062 .S312 1984
      Creative thinking.   Educational innovations.   Motivation in education.  
    Sandler, B.Z.  Computer aided creativity.   New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993.
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Spring 2002
Marilyn Shea
Department of Psychology
University of Maine at Farmington