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CBIR Search Page:  You can search a large database of sources on creativity - journal articles, books, Internet sites -- all with short comments. Located at The Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State College.


PBS TeacherSource:  Creativity and the Brain:  Good summary of what science has discovered about the human brain and creativity.

The Invention Dimension!  A web site created by MIT Press to support inventions, inventors, and display MIT books.  There are a couple neat games to test your knowledge of innovation.  There is also some very useful information in case you decide to invent something.

Educated Earth:  Sir Ken Robinson makes and entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity.      Found by:  Ellen Anderstrom

Expert Magazine:  The article discusses how people, specifically business professionals, believe that they are incapable in capable of being creative even though everyone is capable of being creative in one way or another. Stephen Manallack says that leaders can be more creative by innovating new ideas into the business, speaking up when they have new ideas, and being confident in themselves.      Found by:  Murray Bridges

German Gestalt Psychologists: Lewin and Köhler  The site hosts three videos of the experiments on ape intelligence and insight. The videos show completed behavioral sequences with no evidence of the "insight" behavior described in The Mentality of Apes.

Classics in the History of Psychology:  by Animal Intelligenc by Edward L. Thorndike (1911). Chapter 2 describes the cat in the puzzle box experiment and Chapter 4 describes an experiment on the intelligence of monkeys.

Intelligence and Creativity:  Basic information and terms for an introductory course in psychology.      Found by:  Kayla Madore

On Creativity:  Collection of pages on varied aspects of creativity and the creative process.  Includes a number of definitions, levels of creativity, characteristics of highly creative individuals, brainstorming techniques, creativity studies, etc.

Creativity in Business:  Describes historical examples of creativity which led to inventions, creations, or innovation.

Creativity in Science and Engineering:  Creativity occurs in all areas of human endeavor.  Some of the greatest examples of the 19th and 20th centuries are in scientific discoveries.

Creative Thinking:  Includes a page listing tests of creativity and pages on various class activities.

Chinese Laws of Creativity:  The basic component of the I Ching is a three lined symbol called the Trigram."  This author relates the trigrams to creativity and gives you a nice introduction to the concepts in the I Ching.

Oxford Journals / Brain:  This article by Timothy D. Griffiths is about how creativity is studied, theories about creativity and the brain and how creativity is defined.      Found by:  Erica Carver

Creativity: Enchanted Mind:  Features tons of information about the scientific study of creativity, also creative-thinking puzzles, techniques to improve creativity, humor, and more.

Creativity Definitions:  Definitions of creativity with some useful links.

Psychology of Creativity:  Definitions by theorists and students, online student projects, and links to other sites.


Creative Thinking & Lateral Thinking Techniques:  Techniques include random word, random picture, false rules, role-play, challenge facts, escape, analogies and wishful thinking.

Brainstorming:  Brainstorming tips & definitions, creativity puzzles & quotes, and many useful links to other creativity-related websites.

Psychology of Creativity:  Features an introduction to creative thinking, a creativity quiz and test, java games, humor, quotes, and lots of useful links.

Techniques for Creative Thinking:  Collection of articles describing games and activities to jolt the mind out of the humdrum.      Found by:  Sheri MacNeil

Mathematik:  Contains easy-to-navigate collection of mathematical proofs, postulates and discoveries that bend the mind and pick at the mental blocks.      Found by:  Andrea Chavonelle

The Lateral Puzzles Forum:  Features lots of lateral thinking problems that can only be solved creatively.

Mathematical Puzzles For Fun and Enlightenment:  For those of you who like word problems, these are a nice start.

Children and Education

Center for Development and Learning:  Teaching for Creativity: Two Dozen Tips: The article begins with an explanation of the investment theory of creativity, and then moves to balance analytic, synthetic, and practical abilities in order to develop creativity.      Found by:  Erin Porter

Ezine Articles:  Creativity: Top 10 ways to increase your creativity      Found by:  Erin Farley

Brainy Child:  This website informs adults about methods that can stimulate children's creativity. Various links lead to articles on methods of stimulation.      Found by:  Kimberly Carmichael

Creativity Portal:  This website is full of resources and links about fostering creativity with children. The website has links to articles and resources.      Found by:  Alexandria Wieneck

Creativity Institute:  This website provides links to articles from around the world on child creativity and creative development.      Found by:  Kimberly Carmichael

Creativity Portal:  This site has many links and many ideas to inspire creativity and to reach new heights in the creative process.      Found by:  Chris Gepford, Adam Coulan and Shantelle Forgue


Creativity, The Arts and Madness:  Links about creativity and madness. This is an article on creativity.      Found by:  Elaina Sessions

Creativity and Madness:  A reading list with many creative concepts.      Found by:  Elaina Sessions

Creativity Quotes:  I like this link on creativity because it just lists several quotes relating to creativity. It gives me a broader sense of the meaning by seeing how others describe their experiences with creativity.     Found by:  Kaylee Trefethen


Kid Source:  This website talked about creativity in children, how best to foster creativity in kids and how generating ideas should be encouraged.      Found by:  Natasha Nelson

Website Tips:  Many links to articles and tutorials on how to be creative on the web.      Found by:  Lauren Stewart

Jenni Idea Management:  Ten steps to boost creativity - by Jeffrey Baumgartner.      Found by:  Daniel Galipeau and Lacey Maginnis

Jenni Idea Management:  Gives special ideas to get the creative process going.      Found by:  Megan Kilcoyne

Mind Tools:  This is a site that gives readers ideas on how to enhance his or her creativity. It also gives ideas on how creativity can make life easier and better.      Found by:  Lisa Therrien

The Science of Creativity:  Tips for better creativity, word games and "fresh eyes" activities.

Creativity for Life:  A guide to living your life creatively every day.  Includes articles, tips and resources.  Also features many creativity-related links.

Language is a Virus:  Writing prompts and other creativity boosting activities for the written word.      Found by:  Carla Powers

Directed Creativity Heuristics:  Practical tips to improve creative thinking.

Becoming Creative:  Six steps on how to be more creative.      Found by:  Lacey Maginnis

Suite 101:  How to enhance your creativity by running or, presumably, by walking....strolling?.      Found by:  Tess Rockwood

21 Ways to Be More Creative:       Found by:  Cashmeira Robinson

Virtual Salt:  The site is about different kinds of creativity and how you can expand on your creative thinking.      Found by:  Heather Torrey

Creative Communities:  This site is listed in my favorites. I have gathered a lot of resources related to my interests in "Outsider Art" and creative expression used in therapeutic intervention... (Note: The Creative Communities ceased operations in 2004.)     Found by:  Jared Paradee


Waterfire Providence:  Waterfire is a sculpture of 100 bonfires by Barnaby Evans on three rivers downtown of Providence.      Found by:  Evan Aurelio

Just Creative Design:  Jacob Cass has created a gallery of 192 creative advertisements that are sure to get your attention.     Found by:  Gerard Escarfullery

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