Links for Experiments in Psychology

APA Standards for Researchers

American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
This site has the complete code of conduct and considers the many issues which face psychologists as they deal with the lives of human and other animals.

APA Publication Manual Crib Sheet
You will find a short, succinct version of the APA Manual here - very handy when you are in the Computer Center at 3 AM typing the last draft!

APA Style Resources
A list of style guides, bibliography styles, and guides for citation compiled by Russ Dewey.

APA Style Guide from OWL Purdue
The best for last. This is the most popular on-line guide for my students. It nicely supplements the chapter in the book, giving answers to arcane and unusual situations as well as the basic rules.

Experiments -- Activities

Psychophysics 1

The Visual Psychophysics Home Page

Mental Rotation Start Page
Test your spatial relations by comparing rotating objects.  Do they match or are they mirror images?  This ability is correlated with many other skills we have -- including the ability to read a map.

Includes experiments on decision making, logical thinking, visual encoding of environments, and magic and illusions.

Musical Moods
A study which asks the participant to identify the mood of certain theme tunes. ---Link submitted by Christine Stevens.

Study on Sleep and BMI
A study investigating a relationship between sleep and disordered eating. ---Link submitted by Ahnna-Balai Beane.

The Big Five
The Big Five personality inventory. ---Link submitted by Jenn Brann.

Probability Learning Experiment
Try to maximize your correct guesses - choose either R1 or R2 -- when you finish you will be taken to a page with links to other student experiments.

What Would You Do?
A study of interpersonal relations. ---Link submitted by Ahnna-Balai Beane.

Horrible Noises
A study examining the participant’s response to unpleasant noises. ---Link submitted by Darrell Dyke.

Intentional Action
"What do people mean when they say a behavior was performed intentionally?" An experiment on the meaning of intentional behavior. ---Link submitted by Chris Johnson, Danielle Stano, and Christine Stevens

Reaction Time
This experiment examines decision-making and response time for different conditions. ---Link submitted by Chris Johnson.

Perceived Health
The experimenter asks that you rate different skin samples for health. This is an attitude measure. Don't want to give it away, so that is all I will say. The opening page is a consent form. -- added by Emily Beard.

Project Implicit
An Implicit Association Test investigating conscious and unconscious divergence. ---Link submitted by Darrell Dyke.

Gender Perception
An experiment judging how different facial features aid in gender identification. ---Link submitted by Chris Johnson.

TEST YOUR MEMORY; online psychology experiments
Test your verbal memory in a number of different experiments.

Laughter Lab
In this experiment, the subject determines if the laughter they hear is generated by a human or a computer. ---Link submitted Danielle Stano.

Face Research
A collection of short experiments on the attractiveness of facial features and voices. ---Link submitted by Danielle Stano, Michael Kelly, Brandon Monroe, and Darrell Dyke.

Stroop Effect
An online demonstration of the Stroop Effect. ---Link submitted by Caitlin Ambo and Michael Kelly.

Stroop Effect with mouse response
An online demonstration of the Stroop Effect. In this one, the distance of the answer from the mouse position has some effect. Contrast the variables in this one with the one above. How would subjects approach each? Are the instructions clear?

Verbal and Visual Memory
You are asked to read a series of stories and then answer questions about them.  This is a well developed study.  You can get feedback by contacting the author.

An experiment that asks for your participation on facial attractiveness of male faces, as well as an estimation of the age of the faces shown.

Online Experiments
Asks for participation in an online study of male and female facial attractiveness.

Online Neuropsychology Project
Allows participation in a study, and explains a study already done about the misconceptions of the causes and implications of head/ brain injury.

Pitch Memory Start Page


Perception and Illusions

Distance Perception Study
Lets you participate in an experiment on perception.  You are shown a picture of two rods, and you have to judge which one is more distant from you.  You then have to go on and rate from one to five how clearly new pictures show the rod in respect to distance.

* Visual Perception Experiment with JAVA *
Gives links to  great demonstrations of various visual illusions, motion perception, what a bee would see, and other areas related to visual perception.  Also has a link to a job-posting of various positions in psychology that are available at different universities, as well as postdoctoral positions that are open.  Another link brings you to a listing of various researchers doing experiments in the area of vision.  Yet another link lets you participate in experiments on the Web.

This site has an explanation of stereograms and an extensive list of links.
---Link submitted by Moriah, the Girl Scout

Demonstration and explanation of the Poggendorf Illusion == originally part of recommended by Chloe.

Detect and measure your blind spot from the U. of Washington, suggested by Chloe.

Uses the method of constant stimuli to illustrate the Mueller-Lyer illusion.  You have to judge if the line shown is shorter or longer than the standard line that's given.

Collection of Illusions
These illusions are unnamed, so you will have to do some research to find information and background research about them. They are nicely done. Contributed by Josephine & Chloe.

Elephant Legs
How many legs does the elephant have? How is the illusion produced?

Variation on the Hermann Illusion
From an article in Popular Mechanics.

Cognitive Experiment
Reaction Time related to stimulus position. This one is fun. You will be able to view your results immediately and compare them to other recent users. Participate as many times as you like. -- contributed by Joshua Bickerman.


Questionnaires and Surveys

Current Surveys
A series of studies from the Univesity of California at Davis. By Nicholas J. Cepeda. Check it out -- UCSD Learning Attention and Perception Lab is recruiting paid subjects who use e-mail daily.

Imagining New Roles
A survey which explores the ability of the subject to take on unfamiliar roles. ---Link submitted by Ahnna-Balai Beane.

Positive Psychology Questionnaires
A list of positive psychology questionnaires. ---Link submitted by Brandon Monroe.

Personality Questionnaire
This questionnaire asks you to rate statements regarding your personality on a five point scale.  After the questionnaire is completed, a score and description of the personality of the person who filled it out is given.

Attitudes toward Gender Roles in Relationships Questionnaire
This is just about what the title says. It is hosted by survey monkey and may not be available for long. -- contributed by Emily Beard.

Watching Movies and Experiencing Empathy
Questionnaire - Takes about 45-50 mins to complete. Started 9/3/15. Researcher: Philip Bender -- contributed by Hannah Shirley.

People's perceptions of crimes --
Questionnaire based on scenarios. Opening page is the consent form. Researchers Ellen Amis and Dr. Hartmut Blank -- contributed by Abdikadir Abukar Hassan.

Memory and Self-Evaluation through Nostalgia
This is a questionnaire study and begins with an informed consent form. Researchers: Wing Yee Cheung 16/04/2015. -- contributed by Jinni Workman .

General Experimental

Social Psychology Network
Various on-line experiments are listed in different groupings. Over 300 links are provided. -- contributed by Judith Stone

Articles on classroom experiments
Gives examples of studies that can be done by various levels of psychology students, exercises to become efficient in researching information in the library, as well as an exercise on how to write a researcher for more information concerning a study or an area of interest.

Introduction to Research
A resource which explains what is involved in setting up a research study, techniques for data collection, and case studies. ---Link submitted by Holly Oliver.

Methods of Research
This website details what is necessary for proper psychological research, and suggests methods of research. ---Link submitted by Holly Oliver.

10 Brilliant Social Psychology Studies
This website contains links for more information on classic social psychology experiments. ---Link submitted by Kelly Pulk.

25 Intriguing Psychology Experiments
This website includes information about several psychology experiments which have been performed, including the Milgram study, the Stanford Prison Experiment, and the Bobo Doll Experiment. ---Link submitted by Nathan Archibald.

Interviews and Questionnaires
This website gives guidelines on appropriate techniques for interviewing subjects. ---Link submitted by Holly Oliver.

Spiders On Drugs
Scientists at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have turned their attention from the mysteries of the cosmos to a more esoteric area of research: what happens when you get a spider stoned. -- contributed by Zachary Sathasivam..

Mouse Party
A mouse-o-meter to examine the effects of drugs on neurotransmitters in the brains of mice. Not an experiment but based on real research. Worth a look if you are interested in psychopharmacology. - contributed by Ashir Abouleish .

Teaching Prisoner's to Knit
Information on a social experiment teaching prisoners to knit. ---Link submitted by Jade LeBlanc.

Psychology Experiments for the Classroom
This website has a list of simple experiments to perform in the classroom environment. ---Link submitted by Andrew James.

The Marshmallow Test
This is an overview of the Marshmallow Test which examines self-control in children. ---Link submitted by Jade LeBlanc.

Rotating Faces
This is a website geared toward children. Identify facial expressions and the emotion associated with those expressions. ---Link submitted by Jenn Brann.

Pavlov's Dog's Game
A game exploring Pavlov’s research on classical conditioning. ---Link submitted by Jenn Brann.

You Just Get Me
This website allows the subject to take a personality inventory and use it to network with other people. ---Link submitted by Jade LeBlanc, Brandon Monroe, and Christine Stevens.

Social Loafing Online
A study on motivation and contribution to online forums. ---Link submitted by Kelly Pulk.

Information on The Stroop Effect
Information on running an experiment on the Stroop Effect. --- Link submitted by Chloe Absi.

Gender and Memory Experiment
This experiment proposes a design to test for gender differences in short-term memory. ---Link submitted by Garrett Ellis.

Word Memorization
A demonstration of an experiment on short-term memory. ---Link submitted by Chloe Absi.

Music and Personality Experiment
This is an experimental design for a study investigating a link between musical preferences and certain personality traits. ---Link submitted by Garrett Ellis.

Learning and Color
sets up an experiment on how the color of the paper used for a test affects the test results. ---Link submitted by Garrett Ellis and Chole Absi.

Learning about Monochromacy and More
How can you tell if the color you see is the same as the color your friend sees? Why don't color blind people know they are color blind?

Wacky Eye Glasses Fun Visual Tricks & Optical Illusion
Visual illusions are one of the keys to understanding normal processing because they reveal the chinks in the system.

The Virtual Embryo

Reflexology - a historical outline

Classical and Operant Conditioning
Learning processes are compared in a flight simulator, study of the memory trace, visual pattern recognition in a flight simulator, and various studies with Drosophila melanogaster

The Asch Conformity Experiments
The Asch conformity experiments were a series of psychological experiments conducted by Solomon Asch in the 1950s. This site is a description rather than an active experiment. -- contributed by Megan Staples .

The 13 Top Online Psychology Games
From Psychology Today - some are scientific, well, sort of - some are clearly just for fun. -- contributed by Heather McDonald

Psychologist’s studies make sense of bullying
Summary of Jaana Juvonen's recent research from UCLA. -- contributed by Christopher Roberts

Operant Conditioning and Behaviorism - a historical outline

The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab Main Page

Skills Package: How to Put Questionnaires on the Internet - University of Plymouth
Explains how to put a questionnaire on the Internet, how to create HTML forms, and examples of questionnaires.  This might be an interesting challenge for those of you with some prior computer experience.

The Southampton Social Psychology Web - Project S:ELF
Various attitude studies will be found here.  Participation is voluntary. It's a good place to see the different kinds of issues approached by Social Psychology.

Why Daydreaming Matters - Neuroscience.
An article on daydreaming, long walks, and thinking without an mp3 player in your ears.

Cognitive Daily Blog - in partnership with National Geographic
While this blog has discontinued, the past posts are a great source of ideas for experiments and just to find out about curious phenomena in our psychology. I have linked the post on Synesthesia and the McGurk effect - but play around with the archive on the right.

Lists of Lists of Lists of Lists

Hanover Psych Department - Psychological Research on the Net
This site provides a large number of experiments in the areas of biological psychology, clinical, cognitive, developmental psychology, health psychology, industrial psychology, personality, sensation and perception, social psychology, and links to sites of professional interest.  Most of the experiments ask for your participation in the study.

"PsychExpts currently provides information about web experiments for psychologists and hosts a selection of web experiments for anyone to participate in." --Link submitted by Sara Lolley.

Psych Central
A general psychology website that covers a broad range of topics including research, information on diagnoses, and available therapies. ---Link submitted by Sara Lolley.

Psychology and Human Behavior
A website with links to experiments in an array of topics, including astrology, gender, bullying, mobile phone use, and diet choices. ---Link submitted by Andrew James.

Social Psychology Network
Gives links to over 5000 psychology related pages.  Also has a menu of different areas in psychology.  Major interest area is Social Psychology, but also has a General Psychology Menu.  Gives links to journals, textbooks, courses, ....

History of Psychology Homepage!
Reviews the major events during the development of the field of psychology.  Gives links to specific theorists and other sites that focus on the history of psychology.

Psychological Tests
This is a directory of psychology studies and games to download or participate in. ---Link submitted by Jenn Brann.

List of Online Experiments
An online list of ten websites, each having multiple types of online experiments to run or participate in. ---Link submitted by Timothy Hutchings, Michael Kelly, and Kelly Pulk.

Experiment Ideas
This website contains several possible suggestions for experiments and instructions on how to run them. ---Link submitted by Andrew James.

Professional Information for Students

Accredited Doctoral Programs in Professional Psychology
The American Psychology Association accredits schools in Clinical, Counseling, School, and combined professional-scientific psychology.  Note that not all specialties go through APA accreditation process -- so if you are looking for Sports Psychology, don't refer to this list.

What is ETS?
This page will give you a general background on the Educational Testing Service.  Testing is one of the basic tools of scientific and applied psychology.  ETS is one of the largest test creators in the world.

GRE General Test Information
The Graduate Record Examination can now be taken on the computer.  Check here to find out the procedures for signing up for the tests, the various sites where it is offered, a sample quiz, and other a wealth of other information.

Psi Chi Introduction
The honor society in psychology supports a wide range of activities and events for the undergraduate student.  There are always special sessions at the APA convention for Psi Chi members.  Take a look at the page and then contact someone in our department to find out if you qualify.

Student Information - For Careers and Graduate School
There are all sorts of careers in psychology at all levels of education.  This site maintained by the American Psychological Association will give you a sample of a few.

Student Information - Funding
Scholarships, grants and awards for students to study or to do research from the APA.  

Nursing Careers for Psychology Majors
Not only are nurses needed for direct psychiatric care, but psychology is an excellent preparation for nurse practitioners and nursing administration. The left hand side of the website lists universities with psych nursing programs.


Organizations and Institutes

American Psychological Society
The main index of the APS leads to resources for researchers, grant writers, and conference schedules.  They maintain an excellent listing of Internet resources.

Psychological Institutes in Europe
Norway, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom -- to mention a few -- index leads to more complete lists by country.

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

American Psychological Association - in Chinese, English link at top right.
The home page of the APA. The site is divided into interest areas for the professional psychologist, the public, and students.  It includes resources for careers in psychology, grant information, political action initiatives, news releases, and the APA Monitor - the official news publication of the APA.

The National Institute of Mental Health is one of the largest supporters of research in psychology.  The site provides news and information for researchers in the field, reports of clinical trials, grant information,  and guidelines.  General interest items include the Science on Our Minds series and sections devoted to science education and mental disorders.



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