Sniffy:  The Virtual Rat is a demonstration program for the basic principles of reinforcement theory written by Krames, Graham and Alloway (1995).  If you plan to do any studies in behavior modification or reinforcement theory, it is an excellent first step.
Sniffy is a normal happy rat.  He is naive.  The idea is to teach Sniffy to press a bar.  While doing so, Sniffy will teach you about using reinforcers properly to get the maximum effect.  Topics covered include:
Magazine Training
Successive Approximation
Schedules of Reinforcement
Time Outs
Cumulative Records
In the book, you will find instructions for using the program, a brief overview of the basic principles of reinforcment, and exercises to give you something to teach Sniffy.  It takes patience and close attention to detail, but you will begin to understand the complexities of teaching a child to make their bed.

There is a section at the back of the documentation where you can get a taste of the computer commands used to create Sniffy's responses.  It is interesting to see the relationship between the computer commands and the theory they express.

 A demonstration of Sniffy can be found at Wadsworth --
© Marilyn Shea, November 1999
Department of Psychology, University of Maine at Farmington
Images of Sniffy captured from Sniffy:  The Virtual Rat, version 4.5